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Up to date review

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KevinMD or Kevin Pho is one of the top physician bloggers. He writes many posts per day, often provocatively commenting on breaking medical news or other blogposts.

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According to Kevin:. It does not carry advertisements, and is funded entirely via paid subscriptions [3]. I am a big proponent, and like many other doctors, could not practice medicine effectively without it up to date review my.

Kevin Pho also refers to up to date review recent study showing that hospitals who used UpToDate scored better on patient safety and complication measures, as well as length of stay, when compared to institutions who did not use the resource. In her blog post Dr Val wonders whether we should incentivize sex adulat and providers to use UpToDate more regularly. According to Dr.

Val, this might be an effective and easy way to target the problem of inconsistent practice styles on a national level, since many physicians know and respect UpToDate.

The tweet of KevinMD elicited many responses on Twitter.

Up to date review

To read rveiew of the discussion on twitter follow this link. The main discussion point on up to date review was to which extent UpToDate is evidence based. UpToDate used to be entirely an online book with excellent narrative reviews written by experts in the field. Nowadays UpToDate calls its database an evidence based, peer reviewed information resource. According UpToDate the evidence is compiled from:.

The electronic searches -if done- are not displayed farmers dating com therefore the quality of any search performed cannot be checked.

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It is also unclear on which basis articles are in- or excluded. At the most it gives a synthesis of the evidence, which is still gathered in a rather nontransparent way.

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Thus the definition of kevinmd comes closest: It is also not clear what peer reviewed implies, i. As a consequence the chapters differ in quality. In my experience, UpToDate is hardly up to date review useful for finding recent evidence on a not too common question. Allergynotes tweeted a specific example on chronic urticaria and H. The current version of the Internet up to date review billions of scientific journal pages and the answer to your questions must be somewhere out.

If one cannot practice medicine without UpToDate, may be one should not practice at all. The articles are also written by people, and are subject to the biases of individuals. Matthew Mintz of the excellent blog with the same name puts forward that many of the authors have substantial ties to the pharmaceutical industry, meaning that UptoDate although not financed is not completely unbiased.

In one of his posts Ves Dimov allergynotes refers to chat latino canada Dutch paper showing that answers to questions posed during daily up to date review care are more likely to be answered by UpToDate than PubMed.

It is without doubt that UpToDate is a very useful source both for clinicians, patients and even librarians.

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It is ideal for background questions How can disease X be treated, what is the differential diagnosis? And it has a broad coverage. However the point here was not whether UpToDate is a useful source for clinicians — but whether it is dste sufficiently unbiased evidence based source to incentive docs to follow its recommendations and its recommendations.

Or as Shamsha free beach australia it: Most of David readers guess the vendor was from UpToDate 2nd: MD consult.

Is it reasonable to positively discriminate in favor of UpToDate, while not everyone may up to date review able to afford this costly database or may prefer another source? The most ideal situation would be an open source UTD, as suggested by nursedan. Allergynotes thinks that this should be possible. A role for Web 2. It should be noted that besides the databases mentioned in the tweets there are also other freely available evidence based sources, like.

First one can wonder how representative this article is. A revlew and dirty Google search gives many hits on ip very deview subject not directly linking to UpToDate. For instance, a paper published in the January issue of Ann Intern Med tells us the results from tl large-scale study of more than 40 hospitals andpatients up to date review that when health information technologies replace paper forms and handwritten notes, both hospitals and patients benefit strongly fewer complications, lower mortality rates, and lower costs.

Furthermore the study is a retrospective and observational studycomparing hospitals with online access to UpToDate with other acute care hospitals. Most important, as admitted by the authors, the ul could not fully account for additional features at the included hospitals that may also have been associated with better health outcomes.

It is easy to imagine, for instance that a hospital being able to subscribe to UpToDate has a medical staff that was already predisposed to delivering escorts north lanarkshire quality care or might have a greater budget free advertising richmond va.

Revidw such a positive discrimination would not solve the problem of lack of head to head comparison, what was what it was all. Dr Mintz explains this very clearly in looking 4 female comment to Kevin.

This is similarly true of other so-called unbiased sources. The problem goes even deeper than the potential bias of industry funded research, which has been consistently shown to be favorable to the sponsor.

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The fact that most research, and virtually all therapeutic research is funded by the industry allows the industry up to date review dictate what scientific knowledge is available, and by default clinical practice. We need comparative effectiveness not just to see whether the more expensive treatment is worth the cost, but we also need it to answer scientifically important questions that the industry will unlikely fund.

What a wonderful post on a topic that seems so touchy to so many in the medical community. I somehow missed a lot of this conversation on Twitter due to work overload, but am so glad to see that it took place.

Excellent use of twitter, of dahe, and of sharing of resources, thoughts, and ideas. Thank you so much for pulling it all together and for adding to it. Still have to search Cochrane, clinical evidence. An extremely interesting debate. Your notes are really elegant beautiful wants hot sex Wall to the point: It is also the only clinical eeview engine to include secondary and tertiary publications.

Therefore all the hand wringing in the world is not going to get people to stop using it in favor of less biased more up-to-date sources that have poor interfaces rendering them useless despite the content.

Plus up to date review competition is up to date review to get the updates sooner and theirs is equally evidence-based.

That makes a difference in this time. I am going to test this out for the US, but I noticed they have a product for outside of the US which I guess is more international and certinaly totally evidence based: I have my suspicions.

UpToDate gives astronomical institutional pricing, when compared to individual subscriptions. This is counter to what other publishers are doing. I suspect that UpToDate is using their subscription information for nefarious purposes. Smith of Johnson Street, searched for information about asthma.

Up to date review this week?

How Evidence Based is UpToDate really? | Laika's MedLibLog

First, thank you all for your comments. It is now included, both as a reference and in the text. I share your view completely. Glad that many doctors are very information literate — and sensible.

Womans health news rachel-w? Not on purpose. But apparently I touched a nerve or a beehive.

Luca DF It is even more complex. Indeed it is not sufficient to rely on secondary literature. There is definitely a need for head to head comparisons and other research that will close gaps in evidence that matter.

On the other hand I do believe that secondary evidence is up to date review in presenting and appraising the available evidence. There are many examples in the past CRASH-trial, corticosteroid treatment in preterm birththat lack of synthesis and thus unawareness of the available evidence indirectly caused many deaths.

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See my post. Hope Leman has also written a quite positive post on searchmedica. Although interesting, I do not expect the search engine to be a replacement for a good quality textbook as I see UpToDate nor for the missing head to head feview. This is the same argument referred girls having car sex by allergynotes and is discussed under [2]. In fact I find it a very up to date review, jet costly, source.

EBM or… textbook. Each serves different purposes. Because UpToDate states that this is what it is and others see it as a sufficient reason to incentive people not using it. Everybody hospital, library, doctor may buy what it wants and can pay forbut it should not be imposed. You make some important statements. However it only deals up to date review interventions of the most common diseases. But I loved it very. Do you want to disappoint your patrons?

The client is King. We buy them what they want up to date review a certain extent. But last week I got a letter or invitation through the dating sites reviews 2016. So it is coming to the UK.