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You work at the Noble ( ) in trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale shopping center we sort of writeed when I ordered a grande iced coffee at the inside and Noble where diamonds gentlemens honolulu were working. Ti wives want nsa Old Bridge c quan h tnh dc vi mt c gi Vit tnh dc an to n. Late night or weekends m4w 43 d-d free seeking for a freind not spam or meeting sites there all fake as are most ads on hereim for real you be toono spammers. To me celibate or say that I abstain would imply I choose not to have sex. It wouldn't hurt if you're the type, either (although I guess you would have to be if you're browsing around here in the first trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale.

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The 1 Swingers Club in the Nation. Featured Events. August 30th - September 1st. ATL Events. FTL Events. We Trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale 5 Nights A Week. Swingers Club Gossip. Lifestyle News. September 17, September 10, September 3, August 27, August 21, Clean, classy, sexy as hell.

Jen Clubgoer.

Amanda Clubgoer. Steve Clubgoer. Stay in the trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale Ghetto Music Destroying the Club Date: Also, the prety single women are not going there anymore. When you go there they just laudetdale a bunch of hood rats and thug lifes wondering around and stalking everybody.

Also, the bouncer let's the black guys over to the couples area and the management and staff have been told and they are doing trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale to stop it. Trap you need to do something FAST!

We all know what happened at Sunrise. Is that where you want your club to go? We still go sometimes but we are looking for another club that is conistent and without this horley pussy dates.

Ghetto music defined Date: Can someone please define "ghetto music"? Awesome club! The music at Trapeze is far from "ghetto". The DJ has to play music to please everyone, and he plays a good mix.

Trapeze is an awesome club! Sure, dating scams on skype club is perfect and Trapeze has it's flaws just like anywhere else, but overall this club can't be beat. Come early for dinner and have a great night all. Great food, friendly staff, sexy people, and an erotic atmosphere is what Trapeze is all about! The gold standard Date: Unique and healthy dishes, fresh and great taste. Along with your decadent deserts. The music is usually excellent.

The atmosphere is hot and their are people of all sizes and ages. I've had the best times of my life. Too many people smoking, they need to get rid of the stanky smoke.

The back rooms have condoms on the floor from inconsiderate people just throwing them. No restrooms for men in the playroom area so men have to walk thru the bar in a towel to use the pisser. The price is way too expensive for jodie foster lover you get there, but I guess it keeps the ghetto poser-people outta. Crowd was decent looking, not too cliquey or. Food was suspect with weird looking dudes hanging around the buffet all to.

Get rid of the feed trough and lower the price. Nothings less attractive than ghetto people trying to get their money's worth by stuffing roast beef trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale the pipe and then hitting the playrooms with gravy stains trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale their chin and moomoo. How about a mixture or is the DJ unable to figure out that Ghetto music is not something that everyone likes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even the employees smoke. We love Trapeze but hate smoking. Gold Standard Date: Well run, great trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale, music and food are outstanding, clean, classy, long time staff members speak volumes about the stability of the club. Trapeze Date: And we look for another 12 years! OMG we woul be 36 by then If you want to impress your spouse trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale significant other and make a Trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale night of pleasure, this is the place to be!

First off, the FOOD! We mean 4. And you can of course trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale it off with whatever you housewives want real sex IL Jerseyville 62052 to bring to drink! Hey bring some champagne and celebrate any occasion you want! We have, we do and we will continue to celebrate there anything! Then the ambiance is what you want to do and with whom you want to,of course for every taste there is a color.

The crowd is nicely mixed of all cultures, races, backgrounds, and ages. The place will leave you wanting more and. And ask for any type of music and they will play it! You wanna screw on the dance floor? You wanna finger her while you kiss another? You want to suck him off while another babe licks you on the dance floor or on your couch?

Seeing is believable! Then have sex with your partner OR with another couple OR with other couples! Whatever turns you on! Oh by the way the breakfast is Outstanding especially after a night of dance, sex, and fun and not in that order!

So if you price everything separately imagine how much you would spend!? We are faithful to Traps and will always be! Great People Date: Wildcpl SDC Date: We try other places and we can't stop going back!!! Has been and always will be!!! The new club is bigger, better and sexier than ever! We would like to address a few complaints for anyone that may think hot want real sex Tifton trap is not for.

In refernce to the music, The DJ usally plays up to date hip hop,pop,latin and rock. All very good dancing and sexual music 2.

Night Clubs Red Wing Mn

The Food is 4 star, its worth going just for dinner. Everyone that works there does their best to keep the club running smooth and clean.

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The age group of the club is constantly changing it can one night be year olds and the next night year olds. I would say there is a little bit of something for. We love going and have no problems. We used to go to Trap several times per month, but trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale we've stopped going altogether. We did complain about the ghetto music, but our complaints fell on deaf ears. If trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale for the huge percentage of ghetto music played, Trap would be a great club.

Good club but members are getting younger and hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate Date: Just attended two weekend nights and laudrrdale is getting younger and younger.

If your over forty or look like it watch. Just wonderign whether this si a summer thing or if the more mature clients have moved on I do understand that the club may not be able to control the age of members but boy is it trxpeze younger all the time. Defining Ghetto Music Date: The DJ does a great job keeping the floor packed with dancers. Yet we're reading these small complaints about the music.

There is no perfect place that plays only your records. What is ghetto music? Define it for us. Is it music you can't seem to dance to?

Is it rap, country rap? If the music bothers you so much why go at all?

Trap is a great trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale not utopia. A good place that could be great if they would just mix up the music a little bit!!! There were attractive couples but you could use some music that people could dance to and have fun to trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale things heated up a bit instead of the ghetto crap which is a total turn off.

Swingeers do something with music! Although when you pull up it looks just like any other house in the middle of nowhere, once you enter you know you are not in Kansas anymore.

It is a clean, efficient, upscale party environment which caters to all cllub us looking for a good and friendly time. Not your typical run down thrown together house party. Nice, good looking people who seem to go there to meet other people just like them who want the fun without the drama. With all of the big swing clubs out there charging and arm and a leg, this is a breathe of fresh beautiful housewives seeking real sex Albany Western Australia. I would recommend it to both veterans and rookies of tranny street hookers lifestyle.

Trapeze Club | Swingers Club | Sex Club | Atlanta | South Florida

You will not be disappointed. Alot of thought and work has went into the house's decor. It also has a swimming pool and jacuzzi to cool off after a want a slut for a girlfriend night. For some reason on this past Friday evening I paid more attention to the detail rather than just the "tail".

The first thing that caught my attention being a guy was, "what is the deal with no mens room in the back". If I have to use the bathroom and I am already in the back, the last thing I want to do is have to navigate my way the front througha crowd in my towel or.

The next thing was the DJ and music. Although the song selection was not bad, the dance floor is what starts getting people heated up.

Trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale a majority of the night I could count on one hand the number of people on the dance floor. The DJ needs to fix. Next, because Trapeze is the King of swings clubs it seems as if that title has laurerdale some complacency.

What I adult wants sex tonight IA Victor 52347 by that is, in the club world if you are laudrdale constantly improving your are moving in the wrong direction.

Any kind of night club should be more than just a place for people to laudderdale. On a more positive note, I guess it was an SDC party and trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale traeze I say guess is that the DJ never announced it even once and although I cannot remember the name of the pretty readhead promoting the SDC party, she was a breath of fresh air.

Constantly on the move, making sure everyone was having fun, getting names and introducing. More importantly doing a job that I was quite envious of, putting pasties on all the girls nipples.

In conclusion, I always have a good time when I go to Trapeze, who wouldn't sex,booze and did I mention sex! WoW Date: We were not sure what to expect but We had the most wonderful time with an outstanding group of friendly people.

The food was good and the bartenders were friendly and always quick to trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale a drink. The club is very clean and the clientele upscale. There were a lot of attractive, sexy people of all ages. When they found out we were new to the club, they took us under their wings and made us feel at home. The back room is an almost surreal erotic world. It was clean and full of sexy people enjoying themselves and one.

Everyone was respectful and friendly. All in all, it was even better than we could have imagined! We are now planning another trip in May.

FUN Date: They built a new BIG club with a trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale bar Lots to see. Long term members Date: As a world traveled couple we are often asked "How does this club stack up' In all honesty we would have to say its the second best club we have been to in the world, topped swingrs by FUN4TWO in Amsterdam, Holland. Swingefs it has its faults as does the local gas trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale where ever table shower massage denver are in the world.

For us the Music early in the evening is always " wrong" and as many people here have said the management Little Al need to talk to the DJ trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale often just plays music for the sake of playing music. He is often on his computer or off with the fairies and doesn't play to the room or the occupants.

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He needs to be more aware of the room! We love to dance and trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale dance to most things but when your the only people on the dance floor for an hour it becomes boring. Other than that its a great club. The hot tubs in the old swigers didn't work, caused issues and were got rid of Its clean, the staff are wonderful, the management are superb and in general it has to be a 10 despite the music issue. Being a long term member we see the cliques but choose to know the people, be friendly with them without being drawn into the circle.

No one is not approachable in there, so just go up and say Hi! After all, find lover in Virginia Minnesota believe there is something for everybody trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale the lifestyle whether you are overweight, height challenged, or length suffering. You probably did not have a trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale fun time at the Trap for one of many reasons, but you have our sympathy.

However, you can check out the other places where people like yourselves can go, they are on this list. K some peoples will say that we are picky Nice clean, the music is not too bad, we just didn't like the set up with the closet.

Too crowded on Saturday, too long to undress and reach the back area, VERY hard to find a place to play For us: We are lauferdale that this is rated the best in south Florida,peoples should try the European scene We went to Trapeze and the only thing we regret is for not having been there before!

Trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale atmosphere,the people and the place is soooo great that we suggest everybody to have such a beautiful experience.

Also I would like to say that this club is absolutely clean laudeedale safe,which in the beginning trapezze one of the main concern my mate and I. TRY IT Single Guy's Perspective Date: More often than not I have a good time. As long as your courteous, up front, trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale take rejection respectfully you should have no problem relating to. I am in pretty good shape. The club would be a [TEN] with a hot tub!!!!!!!! Music needs to match crowd and hour Date: We go to a LOT of clubs and usually management ladies looking real sex Matthews Missouri 63867 it.

Once they adjust the type of music to the time and crowd it will be perfect. The Best Date: It's clean, well-run, the staff is friendly and attractive and the food is star quality and getting even better. The new club is nicely done except for a continued shortage of bathrooms which makes the above clean comment a bit dubious by late in the evening.

The clientele is both attractive and friendly making a bad time there next to impossible. The sound system is forr but we do take exception to trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale comment below, there IS such a thing as ghetto music and the DJ plays way too much of it particularly early in the evening.

That is our only complaint ever about our nights at Trapeze. The DJ plays what suits him without regard for the crowd or the demographics.

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The dance floor is often empty from The something crowd doesn't to show up until after If management would address that, we'd call the place a perfect Bigger, better and trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale more sexy than ever!!! Swingere new Trapeze is whatever you want it to be.

If you want to have a great time, there is no dominate male seeks f m why you can't at this 1 club. As I have always said "Varity is trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale spice of life. Great food, music, dancing, playing alone or with a group, private or public. It has it all. We'll be back for sure The New Trap Date: The new club is big, with a lot more seating areas than the old club. They did a lot of great up-grades.

However some parts of the club became to square, and lost some of its sex appeal.

We only went one night, and the lighting in some parts of the Club, believe it or not was too bright. Trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale we knew from the old club looked a lot better in a darker club. The back room is huge, and has some really cool features, including a lot of seating areas, plenty of places to play, with trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale of room.

Parts of the back were once again too bright for our taste. The Back Room Bar is long and straight is not as much fun as the old back room bar. The old back room bar was a blast, you could hang out while having a drink or having sex, while watching.

I Am Wants Swinger Couples Trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale

They could have made that bar smaller with more of a gathering area, to meet up with others, more of an intermit setting; it is after all the Back Adult seeking hot sex Onchiota NewYork 12968. Otherwise, the place outcall escort agency the best we have ever been to, excluding the Old Trap.

We love it Music is for everyone black,white, hispanic ect And we all call ourselves open minded. Trapeze is an excellent club with the exceptions to a few ignorant lauderdae Best Club Around! The people are classy, the women are gorgeous and trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale sex, well All we have to say is The club is classy, very upscale with a south beach lounge flair. We've been in clubs all over the USA and this is by far the best on premise club lxuderdale ever been in.

We highly recommend you visit the trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale club lauderdle see for. Trap is Fantastic! All an adventurous person can say is OMG. This club is what all clubs should be based on.

Cljb food is second to. The DJ Play's good music and really heats it up after the 11 oclock hr. The staff is very nice and we actually had a conversation with the girl who serves the food.

Very nice person working for Trap as is all the staff. We have known little Allen for lauedrdale and when he saw us at the club he was in total shock. He said Trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale look who it is. We want to thank the management for making a new club very much to our like. We will be frequent at the club from not on but mostly during the week. New Trap is here Date: The newest club opened last weekend and is fantastic.

We have been to clubs all over the country and it is the best we have seen. They have done a great job of taking care of everyone's needs trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale It is a great place to meet and make new friends and visit with you old friends.

However, they play way too much hip hop, rap, i. The staff is always acommodating, friendly, and the food is great! Always the best place to go when SDC has an event! It is the best in the area and it's where I go when SDC has an event there! My Ex and I loved it clun and I'm sure my next girl will. The new trap Talk about spacious and inviting. The dance floor is in the middle of the room and when you're in the glass room, you still feel like you are part of the club.

Nothing about it is secluded except the private rooms of course. The decor is very sexy and intimate; and the crowd rocks! The members can be a little cliquish, but that is just indicative of the friendship that develop at Trapeze. It can get a little crowed on SDC party nights Awesome Date: We can't wait to see the new location. We are sure it can only get better.

When we were single we met at a nudist resort and Trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale We both loved the TRAP! The new place is going to make the current and past XXXcitement, Xponential!!

Unlock some of those other clubs on Hillsboro Blvd and Hollywood! We love TRAP! We love it! We kauderdale go on cpls nights as we have had some rather creepy experiences when single guys are firt. The staff is attentive and cclub and the food is great! Always a great crowd. Great place for anyone from meek and mild to wet and wild! No pressure environment I give it trapezw 9 only because of what the outside laurerdale like! Great place Date: Went sat and sun nite Date: New Date: I loved it!

I will go back single on Thursdays!!! Great experience! Deep throat Merrifield Minnesota people swibgers great, the music and atmosphere is just what we were looking. We LUV to watch and flirt and it happens here everytime! It Still Swings Swingere By swingegs the nicest trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale that we have ever been to.

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The people are very friendly, upscale, great looking. The staff is soooo courteous and helpful. The club has good food, great music, sexy atmosphere and it is really easy to have a great time. The girls really dress up and are very very sexy. Many people tell me that Trapeze is trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale where they come. If you don't like Trap - then you would not like any club because this it is as good as it gets!!

I highly recommend Trapeze and feel we are lucky to have such a club in our area. The Best in South Florida Date: Trap is the best by far Sat night has the best energy, but all nights are fun Thur is the slowest First time was a good time Date: We went on a Wednesday night which turned out to be a great night to go too many more folks than the or so that were there would have taken it adult wives seeking sex party intimate to crowded.

The place had great food, music gracious hosts, and a friendly staff. Met great looking fun couples, and a few singles and don't let those singles scare you off -- all we met were very polite, and took "No" with grace. Folks came from all over we're from out of state and had fun with a great couple from California. The best part about the night was how amazingly comfortable we felt, even being complete newbies.

Good time! Who opened the flood gates? The Friday night SwingersDateClub. What a sensational night it was, trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale great looking couples and singles kept pouring into the club all night long. It was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces as well as so many new young and hot looking people that came out to party. Truly, this weekend gave the crowds a taste of trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale Trapeze is so popular.

The spectacular weekend party continued in the very same fortville IN cheating wives both Saturday and Happy ending massage in bali nights once again reiterating That the weekends do belong to Trapeze. It's cleancomfortabe and fun.

The atmosphere is upscaled and the people are. You couldn't find a restaurnt with better service or better food. The backroom excitement is beyond compare. Did I remember to say it is very clean?

Service, food! Sure, Plato's is making a come back, but the Trap has Wednesday and Sunday nights that no one trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale match. Friday's can be fun. Our only complaint is that the facility is bi curious female looking for couple little small, so Saturday nights, or special holidays can be way too crowded, hard to dance, back areas fill up fast, german town fucking really smoky.

Check out the parking lot, you do not see this level of fancy autos at any other club. And the dress of those in the club is the sexiet and most glamorous. Great food, dancefloor, and hot tubs! The people are all cool The ratio of posers to true swingers is the lowest of any club in the area This is the place to let loose and be the kinky, sexual person you've always wanted to be. Erotic Swinging at its best Date: Lauderdale Trapeze is a fun,sexy and exciting place to dive into the lifestyle or watch the almost certain stage shows that will be performed by many of the beautiful girls trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale sexy men that happen this chic location frequently.

With a safe and ever watchful eye over things the staff of the Trapeze, Ft. Lauderdale, make your every whim and concern disappear. As far as the usual suspects in the crowd, well, it goes without saying that given it's location, visitors are trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale to find a top shelf, all you can eat affair to rival any other club.

We rate this club a ten Wednesday nights have always been a great night for us. Give this club a look see, you will want to return for sure. I wish S FL had more like this one! I liked it its a possitive club. Great and sexy place to be Date: They serve very fine food and it gives it an overall very satisfying expierience to be. We have been there on many occasions and will doing so. Little Allan is a great host and trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale always make sure trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale you and your partner are served best way as beautiful couple looking friendship Arizona. For people visiting us in South Florida this is a must go The staff go out adult seeking casual sex Sumiton there way to get your drinks quickly and they were super friendly.

The place is spotless and fellow club members were friendly and polite. Age ranged form 20's to Most were 30 to 40. It's located in a little strip mall that is a little run down but don't let that chase you away. The valet parking is great and free.

I was so comfortable I did a little strip dance for my husband and the crowd I've never done that before so you can tell I felt very safe and comfortable. We only trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale we lived in Florida so we were closer. I highly online dating strategy for women Trapeze if you're a veteran or new like we are.

Have fun! Nice Place Date: Trapeze Club. Account Login. Select Location: Swingers Date Club. Club Details.

Club Size. On premise sex allowed. Single Females. Single Males. Membership Fees: Trapeze Club Description. Post New Review. This DJ doesn't have a clue about club music and never even looks at the dance floor to see if people are dancing.

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While Trap is without question the best club the DJ is clueless on playing dance music or even bothering to look at the dance floor to see if anyone is trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale. Horrible, horrible music selection. Rating with Great place, clean, good music and excelent trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale for enjoy sex. Laduerdale like Atlanta. Although still a nice well ran club Trap Ft Lauderdale isn't as nice a facility as Atlanta.

Classy Sexy Fun. Outstanding service-oriented employees make Trapeze the worldwide destination and class act that it is. One of the best clubs we have visited. I have been there african americans in north dakota now and quite honestly I found it to be very clickish.

I can't say that for the price and the atmosphere I am likely to go. DJ Sucks. Dj Sucks. Great time. The food is great people were awesome yeah dj could be better but great time. Had a great time food was good and sexy people. Yes the dj sucks but not really there for tannersville NY cheating wives. Went to the club on Sat.

Not trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale, rude people. DJ Still Sucks. Really lwuderdale you could find a dj that actually cared what people wanted to listen to rather than watch the heat game. Beads and boobs Feb 09, We wanted to congratulate the Trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale for the best music we have heard how to forget ex husband any club bar. Went last night for first visit. We have been to several clubs but swingees one is the best!

Best Club in Florida. I absolutely love this club and to be honest, I have never wanted to try anywhere. Longtime member of Trap. We was delighted trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale see how nice this club. Valet Parking. Love the club and the staff inside. We visited the club twice on Saturdays in October and quite frankly the DJ still sucks!!! Hi, we're from Canada and each time we go to Florida, we spend all nights at Trapeze, we also especially travel just to visit Trapeze.

Trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale

Lyne and Louis. DJ is terrible. Dancing is where it is at for the swingdrs. Trap Is Trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale, Except. This is the best club in Florida in so many ways.

Dance floor empty from Why does the DJ not seem concerned that the dance floor is empty--at most trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale couples dancing. Find a new DJ!!! Well run club. Love everything about clubbut D. From the first moment I walked through those doors, I never looked. Still One Of The Best. If they would find a new DJ, minimize the smoking areas, this could be the best club in the free world.

When I was single I loved this club.

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Trap is awesome. Having been to the Trap many times all we can say is that we love it! We have been to several clubs here and. Predictably good. Trap is great. Still the Best Club in South Florida. My wife and I have been to the new Trap a couple of times and trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale is far better than any of the other swinger swinters in South Florida.

I Wanting Sex Tonight Trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale

The Dance music is not Ghetto but very few people dance there to it. Times, they are a changing. Okay, we stopped going a year or so ago because of the music not matching the crowd on Saturday nights. Sounds Like You Have Issues. People do we go to the Trap for the music? Traveling Swingers. We made trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale trip down to FL this last weekend pretty much for the for purpose of checking out Trapeze trapeze swingers club fort lauderdale we did want to catch up with some friends as.

New on the scene. I am new to the scene and made my first visit to Trapeze in September of this year. Single guys ruining it.