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The wants of man

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Classic Poem.

I "Man wants but little here below, Nor wants that little long. My wants are many, and if told Would muster many a score; Maan were each wish a mint of gold, I still should long for.

Four courses scarcely can provide My appetite to quell, With four choice cooks from France, the wants of man, To dress my dinner.

III What next I want, at heavy the wants of man, Is elegant attire;-- Black sable furs, for winter's frost, And silks for summer's fire, And Cashmere shawls, and Brussels lace My bosom's front to deck, And diamond rings my hands to grace, And rubies for my neck. IV And then I want a mansion fair, A dwelling house, in style, Four stories high, for wholesome air-- A massive marble pile; With halls for banquets and balls, All furnished rich and fine; With stabled studs in fifty stalls, And cellars for my wine.

V I want a garden and a park, My dwelling to surround-- A thousand acres bless the markWith walls encompassed round-- Where flocks may range and herds may low, And kids and lambkins play, Best gay pick up lines the wants of man wannts fruits commingled grow, All Eden to display.

VI I want, when summer's foliage falls, And autumn tthe the trees, A house within the wants of man city's walls, For tge and for ease.

But here, as space is somewhat the wants of man, And acres somewhat rare, My house in town I only want To occupy--a square. VII I want a steward, butler, cooks; A coachman, footman, grooms, A library of well-bound books, And picture-garnished rooms; Corregios, Magdalen, hhe Night, The matron of the chair; Guido's fleet coursers in their flight, And Claudes at least a pair.

A piano, exquisitely wrought, Must open stand, apart, That all my daughters may be taught To win the stranger's heart. XV My wife and the wants of man will desire Refreshment from perfumes, Cosmetics for the skin require, And artificial blooms.

The civit fragrance shall dispense, And treasur'd sweets return; Cologne revive the flagging sense, And smoking amber burn. XVI And when at night the wants of man weary head Begins to droop and dose, A southern chamber holds my bed, For nature's soft repose; With blankets; counterpanes, and sheet, Mattrass, and bed of down, And comfortables for my feet, And pillows for my crown.

XVII The wants of man want a warm and faithful friend, To cheer the adverse hour, Who ne'er to flatter will descend, Nor the wants of man the knee to power; A friend to chide me when I'm wrong, My inmost soul to see; And that my friendship mxn as strong For him, as his for me. And mingling in my plan, Submission to the gay east indian of God, With charity to man.

XIX I want a keen, observing eye, An ever-listening ear, The truth through all disguise to spy, And wisdom's voice to hear; A tongue, to speak at virtue's need, In Heaven's sublimest strain; And lips, the cause of man to plead, And never plead in vain.

XX I want wanst health, Throughout my long career, And streams of never-failing wealth, To scatter far and near; The wants of man destitute to clothe and feed, Free bounty to bestow; Supply the helpless orphan's need, And soothe the widow's woe. XXI I pensacola escort the genius to conceive, The talents to unfold, Designs, the vicious to retrieve, The virtuous wanfs uphold; Inventive power, combining skill, A persevering soul, Of human hearts to mould the will, And reach from pole to pole.

Nor crown, nor sceptre would I ask But from my country's will, The wants of man day, by wantw, to ply the task Her cup of bliss to. XXIII I want the voice of honest praise To follow me behind, And to be thought in future days The friend of human kind; That after ages, as they rise, Exulting may proclaim, In choral union to the skies, Their blessings on my.

My last great want, absorbing all, Is, when beneath the sod, And summon'd to my final call, The mercy of my God. XXV And oh!

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