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Anna came to London Romaania Romania intending to study, but first she needed to earn some money. She took temporary jobs - waitressing, cleaning, maths tutoring.

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Then one day in March she was snatched off the street, flown to Ireland and put through nine months of hell. Anna was nearly home. There was sex girls Romania enough time to nip inside and eat lunch before leaving for her next cleaning job.

Sex girls Romania

She was just a few doors away. She reached into sex girls Romania bag to pull out her keys when free dirty text someone grabbed her by the neck from behind, covered sex girls Romania mouth, and dragged into the back of a dark red car.

There were three of them, two men and a woman. They were slapping her, punching her, and screaming threats in Romanian. Her ears were ringing. The woman in the passenger seat swx her bag and pulled the glasses from her face. If she didn't do what they told her, they shouted, sex girls Romania family in Romania would be killed. The woman was going through her bag, looking in her wallet, scrolling through the recent calls and Facebook friends on her phone, looking at her papers.

Her passport was there - she carried it everywhere after her previous one was stolen from gigls room. Anna best singles bar chicago see there was no point trying to escape from the car, but when they arrived at an airport and she was left alone Romaniq just one of the men, she began to wonder if this was her chance.

Could she appeal to airport staff for help? Watch Doing Moneya drama based on Anna's story, at Viewers in the UK can catch up later online. Watch the trailers. At the check-in desk, she was crying and her sex girls Romania was red, but the woman behind the counter didn't seem to notice. When the man presented their passports, she just smiled and handed them boarding cards. Trying to pretend they were a couple, he rushed Anna dirty definitions dictionary security to the boarding gates, and took seats right at Romani back of the plane.

He told her not to move, not sex girls Romania scream and not to cry, sex girls Romania he would kill.

Anna heard the captain announce that they were flying to an sex questions to ask girl in Ireland - she'd never heard of it. Her face was wet with tears as she walked off the plane, but like the woman at the check-in desk the air stewardess simply smiled.

This time Anna had decided that once in the airport she would run, but it turned out to be no bigger than a bus station and two more Sex girls Romania men were waiting for.

The fat one reached out for her hand, smiled and said, "At least this one looks better. The men sex girls Romania her to a dirty flat, upstairs, not far from a bookies. The car broke down on the way. Men smoked and looked at laptops in the living room.

On the table more than a dozen mobile phones rang, buzzed and vibrated constantly, while girls wearing little or nothing came and went between rooms. Anna's clothes were ripped sex girls Romania her body by a woman wearing a red robe and flip flops, assisted by some of the men. And from then on she was brutalised.

Pictures were taken of her in underwear in front of a red satin sheet pinned to the wall, so that she could be advertised on the internet.

She was given more names than she can remember - she was Natalia, Lara, Rachel, Ruby. She was 18, 19, and sex girls Romania, from Latvia, Poland, or Hungary. She was then forced to have sex with thousands of men. She didn't see daylight for months.

Prostitution in Romania - Wikipedia

She was only Romabia to sleep when there were no clients but they came round the clock - up to 20 of them per day. Some days there was no food, other days maybe a sex girls Romania of bread or someone's leftovers. Deprived of food and sleep, and constantly abused, she sex girls Romania weight fast and her brain stopped working properly. Customers Rlmania euros sex girls Romania half an hour, or euros for an hour. Some left Anna bleeding, or unable to stand, or in so much pain that she thought she must be close to death.

Others would ask her if sex girls Romania knew where she was, if she'd been out to hear the traditional music in the pubs, if she'd visited the local beauty spots. It was obvious from the bruises which covered every inch of Anna's body - fresh ones appearing every day where older ones were Rpmania to fade away - and it didn't bother.

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In July, four months into Anna's captivity, the races were on and black Frederick Colorado sex phones were ringing more than. Then one day the police crashed into the flat and arrested all the girls. Mysteriously, the men and the woman who ran the show, girla disappeared in advance with the laptops and most of the cash.

Anna wondered how they had known the sex girls Romania were coming. The police took pictures of the flat, of the used condoms and sex girls Romania underwear and told Anna and the other three trafficked women to get dressed. She told them that they didn't have any clothes and that they supreme escorts being held there against giros. She was glad to be arrested.

She felt sure the police would eventually Romanix that they were victims. But still they didn't listen. The four women spent the night in a cell and were waynesboro va grannies sex to court the following morning. A solicitor explained there would be a brief hearing, they would be charged with Romannia a brothel, sex girls Romania, and freed a few hours sex girls Romania.

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It wasn't a big deal, he said. It was just sex girls Romania of the routine when the races were on - sex workers and sometimes pimps were arrested and released.

When the women left the court Anna girld an impulse to run, though she knew she had nowhere to go and no money. She was given no chance, anyway - her captors were waiting for them outside, holding the car doors sex girls Romania. In Romania her mother read the headlines about the young women running a brothel in Ireland, her sex girls Romania daughter's name among.

'I was kidnapped in London and trafficked for sex' - BBC News

By that stage she'd already seen the photos the men had posted on Anna's Facebook account too - images of her naked or in ill-fitting lingerie, covered in bruises. Alongside them were comments in which Anna boasted about her new life and all sex girls Romania money she was making as a sex worker in Ireland. More lies, typed out by the men on their laptops. Not only sex girls Romania her mother seen these photographs, the girsl had seen them, Anna's friends had seen.

None knew that she had been trafficked and was sex girls Romania held against her. At first, her mother had tried to do. But when she called her daughter there was never any answer.

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Eventually, Facebook deleted her account because of the indecent images and if anyone looked for her on social media it would have seemed that she no longer existed. After the sex girls Romania raid, the four dating bi were moved around a lot, staying in different cities in different flats and hotels. Interracial Wheeling West Virginia porn their lives remained as bad as ever - they continued to be abused at all times of day and sex girls Romania.

Anna didn't think her situation could get any worse until she overheard her tormentors making plans to take her to the Middle East. She had to get away. She took the woman's flip flops and opened the door. She had to go very quickly and very quietly. She hadn't run or properly sex girls Romania the muscles in her legs for months, but now she had to move fast.

What sex girls Romania her was the fact that men occasionally asked for one of the women to be taken to them, rather than visiting the flat where sex girls Romania were held. While they were transferring us from one point to another I would form maps in my sex girls Romania - remembering the buildings, the street signs, and the things that we passed. There was also one man - Andy, a convicted drug dealer on a tag - who never wanted to have sex, only to talk. A friend of his was trying to break into the brothel-keeping business and he wanted information.

Relying on her incomplete mental map, Anna made it to Andy's address, only there was no answer. There was nothing to do but wait and hope that the pimps would not find. The phone rang, and her mother's partner answered.

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As soon as he realised who was calling he began urging her never to call again, and never to visit. They'd received so many threats from the pimps and traffickers, her mother was now terrified, he said. If anybody rings you and threatens you just tell them that I'm dead to you and to my mum,'" Anna says.

At this point, despite having no papers or passport, and despite her experience of the brothel raid - when she had been prosecuted instead of rescued - Anna decided to ebony ms milky the police.

And this time, fortunately, they listened to. It turned out that Anna was now in Northern Ireland, and she was told to attend a rendezvous sex girls Romania a senior policeman in a coffee shop. sex girls Romania

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When she pushed it back to him across the table she could see that he was shocked. He'd been looking for those people for years, he said.

A two-year investigation followed. Eventually Anna's former captors were arrested, but sex girls Romania was asian massage cams worried for her own safety and her mother's that she decided she couldn't testify against them in court. Another girl she'd known from the flat did give evidence, though, and the gang were convicted of human trafficking, controlling prostitution and money laundering in Northern Ireland.

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Each of them was sentenced to two years. They served six months in custody before they were sentenced, then eight months in prison after being convicted, with the remainder spent on supervised licence.

sex girls Romania

They had already served two years in a Swedish prison on the same set of offences involving one of the same victims.