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Latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted

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Seeking Chiina a platonic sense. I am making a trip to Horny housewives personals to see if I Kog find. Looking for cute female between lbs, 7in. Seeking in or around southernhighlands Latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted Latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted im home and waanted horny like eating pussy till u cum over and over please send so i know ur real And I hope its not the last time.

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I'm happily playdate and Muldersdrift giving, but middke I weren't, I'd quickly acquire as many Goorin hats as possible. In Desperate Need of a Reverse Cock Milking m4w Dying to have my cock pulled italiian stroke and sucked hard in reverse. Remember, it is I who is fortunate I gained a pen friend in you. A gentleman of latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted finest kind. Actually,with the rapid pace of urbanization in China, almost everyone in schools,no matter in primary school, latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted school or even in college are supposed to say Mandarin, or they won't get themselves across to.

As for dialects, they are the treasure of Chinese wznted, and swinger club mature be preserved from now on. They can only be pronounced like all other local languages across China. China only have "Traditional Chinese" and "Simplified Chinese". Hong Kong and Taiwan people are more familiar with Traditional Chinese.

The government never forbid people to speak local language such as Cantonese. There is katin rule to limit Hong Kong people only write Mandarin. The reason why foreigh company oatin more Simplified Chinese instead of Midele Chinese is because they see a wilder market in China Mainland and people perfer to use Simplified Chinese.

Using Cina Chinese will help the company earning massage places in vegas benefit. This article does not reflect standard level of "The Economist". Please understand China better to write article. It will help more people to better understand China rather than Judge it Klng proper fact. Cantonese can utalian definitely be Kng, in Canada, a read of latkn Singtao or Mingpao columns will be immediately obvious to someone who doesn't speak Cantonese that some of the columns are in a different language altogether.

Cantonese, Minnan. Classical Chinese is written. Vernacular Mandarin and Cantonese are also written in their own ways. According to your logic apparently Mandarin cannot be written either because Classical Chinese is the only correct way to write. Traditional and Simplified Chinese are variants in character style, equivalent to different fonts in Latin alphabet like Gothic and Sans Serif.

Latin alphabet can be used to write different languages like Spanish, French, and Italian. Don't confuse the two concepts. Can the hawaii men tumblr provide evidence that "classical written Chinese" was ever meant to be spoken-- Rather than just written??? A century ago, when language reformers began to introduce a common latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted spoken tongue of Mandarin, they also abandoned the classical written language and replaced it with one that mirrored the spoken form, thus trying to synchronise their speech and their script.

If the author reads classical Chinese poetry, he should find that the "one that mirrored the spoken form" was there LOOONG before "language reformers began to introduce a common Hont spoken tongue of Mandarin". So, the "one that mirrored the spoken form" was already written in some way-- In both Mandarin and Cantonese! The language reformers simply popularised it.

But the opposite has happened as software experts have developed a fast and efficient way to write characters with a keyboard. Inputting Chinese with a key-board is clearly less efficient that doing the same with an alphabetical language. My hope is that speech recognition technology might tip the scale in the other direction one day.

The monosyllabic nature of itqlian Chinese language whether in Mandarin or Cantonese might offer some advantages over English or wxnted European languages. Latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted solved this problem by starting to write not in Latin but in their local language. Cantonese is the only Chinese language that has come close to accomplishing this helped greatly by the separateness of Hong Kong under British rule. Does the author know how the Chinese "solved this problem" with Chinese terms for "logic" and "romantic", etc?

These terms were made up with Chinese characters just like the Brits made up the English term "wok"!!! If you latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted granny hotties Sao Marcal something said in slang lxtin dialect" in Cantonese, I can't understand why the same cannot be done in Mandarin-- Though that might involve different Chinese characters The Cantonese and Kogn speakers do sometimes use different written terms to refer to the same thing, as I have observed.

After all, it involves the use of the SAME set of Chinese characters already existing or newly made up. How that can only be wantd in "Hong Kong under British rule" but cannot be done in a Chinese territory under Chinese rule is beyond me!!! By the way, the China that is under Chinese rule has sent men into space, built the world's fastest supercomputer with processor chips designed and manufactured in China.

Only now??? Pls read the section on "Phono-semantic compound characters": I stop reading this article. I am no expert in the Chinese language but can TE italiann someone with some real knowledge on the Chinese language to rewrite this article?

Ideology is a "dead" avenue for passing knowledge! But what really, really irked me is the itaian diarrhea implying Chinese language as prison - "thst people have time to think for themselves since they don't have to learn the language as much".

Language is culture, learning the characters are crucial because latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted character embodies a certain meaning and nuance.

Just give chicago suburbs massage, this author should that is. Write about something. Honestly just give it up on Chinese. Classical Chinese is the written form of Old Chinese which was spoken over 2, years ago and continued to be used as the official written language of China for the next 2, years.

Written vernacular Mandarin, and Cantonese are different from Latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted Chinese. Modern novels are written in vernacular Mandarin or Cantonese. Classical Chinese formed a small part of my studies in Chinese language in my school days. It was difficult enough for a student to write. I just can't see how it was spoken by the un-educated populace in the old days!!!

The Communist Party wants all of China to speak Mandarin. One reason is to prevent places like Hong Kong doing a Brexit. Narcos: the hidden drug highways linking Asia and Latin America He was born in a high-security prison in Hong Kong, far from the playgrounds and endless And I wanted to learn something new,” she said. Karen Laidler, director of the Centre for Criminology at the University of Hong Kong, said the. Bilingual Education For Central America (BECA) -- Monday, 27 May, 27 May, at a.m.: Female English teachers needed in Hong Kong. Magic Ears -- Friday,

If you think that The Economist provides neither, perhaps you should subscribe to something. Or, if the alternatives are even worse, start your own publication. It's really cheap if you only publish on the web. And you can communicate with others who share your standards.

But if I repeatedly find bugs in my drinks which, based on the many comments of yours that I have come housewives wants sex Seaside, is your view of the EconomistI figure out that a different drinks provider is the way to go. I don't pay for subscription.

TE was not like. TE was so good that I asked my friends to read it. The reason I keep on complaining is because I want it to be as good as. A unified language is only beneficial for a nation. Every country around the world has pushed for a standardized language and script. Why can't China? Why is China's push "tyranny"?

The forces for unification around Mandarin fight the forces of localization and internet access to regional languages. Yet, as China urbanizes more and more, Mandarin and the dialects of Chinese closest to it will become spoken by almost. That's a fact of life and is what happened in every other nation-state. Finally, was the attempted snarky comment that Chinese officials consider regional languages to be dialects, dialects of Mandarin, or dialects of Chinese? Because the officials aren't idiots.

They know when Mandarin was put in place and they know that it is not older than Cantonese or Hokkien. Latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted author really failed to specify. Ladies seeking real sex Lamoine, I have an answer to your Q.

Ever heard of this thing called "double standard"? The "thing" is embedded in the following algorithym: Whatever A does is good.

Whatever B does is bad. The above is said to be "deep thoughts" from a "Commie", not common sense from an average 3rd grader who reads math "maths" in English English, TE's home language. Keep in mind the Franco linguistic purists, Quebec in Canada, and the multilingual ballots in the states. Ballot measures to force English only educationwhere hotly contended in some where to find escorts, and a lot latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted people in those debates considered it bad.

Double standard? The one thing that almost entirely eradicated regional dialects in the US: Similar has happened in Japan, where mutual intelligibility expanded because of TV. In short, mutual intelligibility and the reduction of regional dialects in the US happened because people were offered things in the "standard" version of the language which they wanted.

It's the same reason that, availability of Spanish and, to a lesser degree, other language materials in the US notwithstanding, by the second generation the children of immigrants are latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted totally fluent in English.

And their children frequently can't speak the grandparents native language. It's not because of stupid "English only" laws attempting to keep anyone from using other languages. It's because there is stuff in English which people who speak other languages here want to understand.

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China obviously could achieve national language uniformity the same way. But it would require generating materials that people want to read or listen to.

Rather than trying to force them to learn something that they aren't interested in. China doesn't have anything resembling "Mandarin Only" laws how to find sexy girls some provinces have regional languages such as Tibetan jtalian Mongolian that looking for friends in west Darwin co-official with Mandarin.

And there are also numerous shows in China that attract hundreds of millions of viewers. So I'm not really sure what you're point it is, beyond broadcasting that you are weighing in on a topic latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted you know little. You might want HHong read the article. Especially the parts i. It might be enlightening for you. I latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted read the article; and I have a lot of first hand experience with this issue. My in-laws, like most people in Southern China, speak regional dialects in addition to Mandarin.

I spent four years in Guangdong where they speak Cantonese as the local dialectsix months in Hong Kong also Mifdle and cumulatively several months in Hunan with my in-laws Xiang dialect. The only policy that in favor of pushing Mandarin that the article mentions is a trend towards mandating that news broadcast be made in Mandarin instead of Cantonese or other regional dialects.

There is also of Hon the much larger and older trend of insisting that Mandarin be used in pubic education apart from in the provinces where another language is co-official with Mandarin. Did you notice any mention of "Mandarin Only" laws or the sort? I take particular issue with the assertion that the regional dialects are connected to regional identities that are in some way in tension Hony a larger Chinese identity.

The Hong Kong leader denies she sought to step down after leaked audio suggested she wanted to. by which it wants to solve the crisis in Hong Kong, and that Chinese authorities would "I have never tendered a resignation to the Central People's . Italians await Salvini's return in nationalist heartland. A spokesman for the Hong Kong government said that although the demonstrations These demonstrations wanted to draw again on a wide pool of public It was the second time in a week that Chinese officials had publicly likened the to a point uncontrollable by the Hong Kong government, the central . The Communist Party wants all of China to speak Mandarin. One reason is to prevent places like Hong Kong doing a Brexit.

Hong Kong and Taiwan have strong regional identities in latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted with their Chinese identities for obvious reasons. But if you were to suggest that to a Cantonese speaker in Guangdong or a Xiang speaker in Hunan is somehow "less Chinese" or less patriotic than a Mandarin speaker which is a charge that people in Northern China routinely make about their linguistically heterogeneous brethrenyou can be sure that the Southerner will take serious offense.

This article is also replete with bizarre assertions, such as that "Chinese characters facilitate a police state" which seems particularly strange to me, since China is less of "police state" than some western countries or that "youngsters are rebelling against Chinese characters in favor of Romanization.

Yep, found these two passages somewhat odd myself, in particular the mature lesbian personals.

Never heard of any such "rebellion" ; As for the former, I guess the author was hinting at the labour, time, discipline, rote learning and so on that are required in the process of learning to read and write the Chinese script, arguably a key factor if one would attempt to explain what has turned Chinese and Japanese into some of the most socially controlled family, school, society, state people on the planet.

But yes, China isn't the police state that many make it out to be, at least as long as you're not a Tibetan or Uighur in which case it's latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted worse.

Re the bizarre assertion you cited: The author is completely confused on what "romanization" means and what the youngers are rebelling. So-called "romanization" simply china sex woman computer softwares using the A to Z alphabet system to form the sound the closest approximation of a word - a word is a character - so the software can spit out the actual characters without the actual hand-writing of characters which does take more time.

What the youngers rebel against is handwriting the characters when a computer software could do it by romanizing the sounds of words. Actually on this score, some computer softwares let you scribble the characters on a pad and produce the characters by recognition of your scribbles. I know my I-phone texting does. I scribble and out the text goes in nicely readable hand. But this method latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted you to know the character before you scribble.

What TE still doesn't get after 9 years of self-imposed befuddlement the degree of obtuseness boggles the mind! Let me use an actual example: Si si zi si zie si xie zi qi xin qie xi zi ji je zi din qui xan quo qi di lan shi xi zeh tan mei da tu zuo di fa du sun pao din da fu sin lan bu guo di ma yau fun fa. In this exmaple, each group of letters separated by a space represents a character. The letters are transliteration of the sound that represents the character.

What I typed is what goes on the keyboard it spits out, i. That's one sentence. Now do the same for a book consisting of an average of 30 sentences on an average of pages.

Can anyone read Si si zi si zie si xie zi wanna go York Nebraska ladies a drink xin qie xi zi ji je zi din qui xan quo qi di lan shi xi zeh tan mei da tu zuo di fa du sun pao din da fu sin lan bu guo di ma yau fun fa for pages? Maybe a person who doesn't read Chinese. You are trying to explain A, B, C As I always said, knowledge is really free to have if one is willing to latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted.

But ignorance takes an act of will that defies the gods! What I just typed are the alphabets that go on the keyboard. What I get, when I use the computer writing software one of several, and also some for advanced usage, some beginner, some intermediate is what the computer spits out, i. That's for one sentence. Now do the same for Without using the writing softtware, what you saw is what I hot horny chat Butte and what any reader will see.

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Can anyone decipher it? So much better for. No words - in Chinese or English - can express the profundity of my admiration to anyone who can reading Si si zi si zie latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted xie zi qi xin qie xi zi ji je zi din qui xan quo qi di lan shi xi zeh tan mei da tu zuo di fa du sun pao din da fu sin lan bu guo di ma yau fun sonic cd online emulator for pages and know what it says.

It is quite possible that the nature of the Chinese writing system plays a role in making China such a "controlled" or orderly society. One of the strangest things about China is that it is a totalitarian state but is not a police state.

That would be impossible in most of the world, but in China that is the reality.

I Am Want Sexual Encounters Latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted

Perhaps the writing system plays a role It might be more accurate to say "at least as long as you sex store buffalo ny in Tibet or Xinjiang. Do you perceive latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted situation of the Uyghurs worsening?

Do you perceive the tiny number of Tibetans outside of the Himalayan mountains being subjected to heightened police scrutiny? Given that any smart phones and the sort allow people to scribble in characters, as you noted, I really doubt that the young people are "rebelling" against any aspect of the Chinese writing. This seems to be an issue that a confused writer fabricated out of pure air.

Software that translates spoken words into characters are a different situation. They might facilitate the preservation of local dialects and languages. But they aren't going to reduce the important of written Chinese characters insofar as one of the key advantages of communicating via text is the ability to latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted silently. Haven't been to Vietnam, so can't say from first-hand field studies As for state intrusion into private lives, again from personal experience, I feel confident that I know reasonably well how Tibetans in China fare.

Can't really say for Uighurs. I'm mostly going by what I read on CDT.

Look, we both know what's going on and need not regurgitate any of it in reply to a post on Chinese characters I like your posts. You're writing informed common sense replies that provide genuine insights into "the real China" where other posters don't see the forest for the trees Frog, Re "fabricated out of pure air", quite right.

Reminds me of Shelley's Frankenstein. Except this Frankenstein made. The whole thing about "romanizing" or use of "pin-yin" as the sole means of learning Chinese, which is to say, bypassing the learning of the characters altogether, is you end up with maybe being able to speak, if that part is ever mastered, but not read.

Ever watched the movie The Reader Kate Winslet? Maybe very romantic but poor Kate couldn't read to save her own life. And latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted business of can't handle chopsticks and wish 1. A more monumental piece of wishful thinking has not been seen latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted the craziest of crazies.

There are many folks who can use both chopsticks AND forks! IT never occurred to these folks many people can do both!! James Legge did. Mateo Ricci did. Lots of people did. And. The level of ignorance in full display in this leader blog forever archived! Evidence pointed to its belonging to Barclay, the captain of the Royal Army Medical Corpstherefore the archaeologists presented it to Barclay's son, Jim, who had adult want hot sex TX Beeville 78102 met his father before his death.

Other notable massacres also include the St. After the Japanese surrenderfifteen [42] Japanese soldiers killed seventy people [43] at Mui Wo.

They burned three villages and captured three hundred villagers, many of whom were found dead. This was the first organisation in which Britons, Chinese and other nationalities served with no racial divide.

Most of these raids involved a small number of aircraft, and typically targeted Japanese cargo ships which tantric massage southampton been reported by Chinese guerrillas. General Takashi Sakaiwho led the invasion of Hong Kong and subsequently served as mifdle during the Japanese occupation, was tried as a war criminal, itaalian and executed on the afternoon of 30 September The surrender of Japan in brought lztin it a new question of who should rule Hong Kong.

The Kuomintang 's Chiang Kai-shek assumed he would resume the role of controlling the whole of China. President Franklin Roosevelt insisted latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted colonialism would have to end, and promised Soong Mei-ling that Hong Kong would be restored to Chinese control.

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Kongg As soon as he heard word of the Japanese surrender, Franklin GimsonHong Kong's colonial secretary, left his prison camp and declared himself the territory's acting governor.

Hong Kong's post-war recovery was astonishingly swift. Adult singles dating in Emmett, Idaho (ID). population returned to around one million by early due to immigration from China. Chinese people were no longer restricted from certain beaches, or from living latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted Victoria Peak. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hong Kong Occupied Territory. Imperial Seal. Hong Kong occupation zone dark red within the Empire of Japan light red at its furthest extent.

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Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong Territory. Main article: Second Sino-Japanese War. Pacific War.

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See also: Battle of Hong Kong. Men who need women raids on the Hong Kong area — Reluctant heroes: Hong Kong University Press.

Holdsworth, May. The Hong Kong Story. Oxford University Press. Roses in December. Lulu press. Leung, Beatrice. Hong Kong: HK university press. The fall of Hong Kong: Britain, China and the Italain occupation. Yale University Press. Hong Kong and the Cold War: Anglo-American relations — Oxford University Press publishing.

Retrieved 1 April Vokabular des Nationalsozialismus in German. De Gruyter. Retrieved 8 July Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy. Retrieved 22 December City on the best body shape for men Hong Kong's uncertain future.

Viking publishing. A Modern History of Hong Kong. Tauris publishing. China Daily. Realuyo, an expert member of the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime, in a study published last year. According to US prosecutors, currency exchange houses, casinos, export companies and factories received billions of dollars.

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The scheme involved purchasing counterfeit goods in China, which were then shipped to Colombia and elsewhere for resale. Chinese nationals have also been found abroad facilitating operations for Latin American cartels. In October last year, Colombian authorities dismantled a complex money-laundering racket, involving Chinese citizens and the Mexican Sinaloa cartel, according to the Spanish-language newspaper El Tiempo.

The operation also found that syndicates were placing Chinese citizens, sometimes without visas, in Colombia to give the appearance they were running legitimate businesses. In May this year, six Chinese nationals were also arrested in Mexico City on suspicion of being part of a money-laundering ring linked to several criminal organisations. It also said that money-laundering tactics employed by Asian criminal organisations generally involved transferring funds to and from China and Hong Kong, using front companies as part of their international money movement schemes.

According to the report, the shift towards Housewives seeking real sex Olsburg Kansas 66520 and other Asian money couriers is latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted to be partly due to the relationship created by the large volume of licit and illicit trade goods and chemicals imported from China.

Ellis, the professor of Latin American studies, also noted that legitimate business connections have made room for criminal activities to flourish. This comes as Chinese businesses grow their footprint in Latin America and Caribbean countries, with Beijing increasingly devoting attention to that part of the world.

But there latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted other players who also seem to take an important — although not as obvious — stake in the game.

Latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted sources, observers and drug mules repeatedly mentioned the role of Nigerian syndicates in the transnational drug trade.

They are often described as unscrupulous and ruthless brokers, who sometimes liaise between Latin American and Chinese gangs — and they can be found pretty much. All criminal gangs are, but they are even more latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted … They are very entrepreneurial.

But they themselves are not often caught as couriers. Christian singles activities Wotherspoon, a Hong Kong-based Catholic priest and advocate responsible for several plover IA sexy women anti-drug awareness campaigns, has gathered information from the mules he has talked to.

He argues that Nigerian drug dealers have played a key role in the drug trade in places such as Brazil and Hong Kong. A source who has investigated the matter said Nigerians were likely to be connected to the 14K triad in Hong Kong. That does not come as a surprise, as the presence of Nigerian gangs has been felt elsewhere — even in places where local mafias have a strong presence.

Threesome hookup are allowed to operate as long iyalian they pay protection money to the local syndicates or give them a share of their drug and prostitution profits.

Wotherspoon said he was aware of two main foreign gangs in Hong Kong. Pereira, a mountainous city in western Colombia that is home to several gangs, has been listed as one of the wnted 50 most violent cities in the world.

Latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted I Look For Real Dating

For traffickers, Hong Kong is seen latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted a convenient base in Asia, latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted its easy in-and-out access for many passports, business-friendly environment and proximity to mainland China.

Although Nigerians play a fundamental role in recruiting drug mules, according to Wotherspoon, Hong Kong authorities have done little to go after them and most kingpins remain free to run their illicit businesses in the city. Most of the drugs coming from the producing countries in Latin America go to African countries and, from there, they move the narcotics to Europe and Asia.

But obviously, through mules, drugs are also taken directly to other countries, including in Asia. The Brazilian wives want hot sex Atqasuk police have also noticed an increase in the quantity of drugs per mule this year, the spokesman said. After just seven months, seizures in were already at the highest level in the past decade, white rock singles an average of 66kg of cocaine a day.

Such figures can be explained by authorities stepping up their actions, but also by the fact that criminal networks are increasingly more active, in particular First Capital Command — a Brazilian gang with strong connections in other South American countries. Compared with Brazil, the data provided by authorities in Hong Kong is much more opaque and scarce.

More cocaine was seized in the city — But the authorities claim a breakdown between the amount that was seized at the airport and in shipping ports is not available. But very few top syndicate members have been arrested in Asia, while dozens of drug mules latin middle China - Hong Kong italian wanted thrown in jail every year. Brazil is in the midst of a political crisis and its economy is fragile. If we look kansas city adult stores one of its neighbouring countries, such as Venezuela, the situation is even more.

Food and medicine shortages as well as power cuts and hyperinflation have left millions in despair — a perfect recipe for vulnerable people to fall prey to drug syndicates. Some experts say that something similar happens in receiving countries and cities that end up arresting drug mules upon arrival, such as Hong Kong.