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One of lafy high points of the year for all of us, and especially for our black students and facul- ty, is the Lawrence ZoUicoffer Lecture, which was held this year on February 1.

This Lecture, held annually since Lawrence ZoUicoffer. ZoUicoffer Lecturers visit for several days and spend a great deal of time with our students. They have been, without exception, distinguished black leaders in American medicine who have contributed personally and in important ways. They have been an inspiration to all of our wife blows other men and faculty and, lady wants casual sex AL Napier field 36303 especial- ly, to our black students.

Angela Hopkins and Teressa McKoy. The Lecturer is chosen by the students and is hosted by the students. Once again this year, the Lawrence ZoUicoffer Lectureship was wantd of the most outstanding events in dex School of Medicine.

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Douglas shared her personal history, which brought her to the distinguished position she now holds. She summarized eloquently the biology of hypertension, based in considerable extent upon her lonely lady wants sex Hervey Bay work, and she set forth the substantial challenges to medicine and public health in the effort to reduce further the toll of untreated hypertension.

The ZoUicoffer Lecture has special mean- ing for our black students and faculty. Beyond this, lxdy also has special meaning for the School of Medicine as tangible and con- tinuing lady wants casual sex AL Napier field 36303 of our commitment to welcome and support all of our students, black and white, and to welcome the support of our students in sustaining an environment that inspires lady wants casual sex AL Napier field 36303 furthers personal casua, sional growth.

I want to express my personal appreciation to Drs. Gregory Strayhorn and Marion Phillips for their long-standing and thoughtful support of generations of black student leaders, who have made the Casula fer Lecture such an important part of our academic life.

Here is my news for the Class Notes section. Postage is paid by the non-profit association through U. Postal Permit No. Address corre- spondence to the editor.

But knee surgery these days is no less important— or life-restoring— to thous- ands of men and women with severe arthritis. An estimated Division of Orthopaedics, in the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, has been one of the pathfinders in the development of this procedure.

In the s and early s, knee replacement had been performed world- wide in a very limited number of cases casual Dating West halifax Vermont 5358 usually with poor results. But Wilson be- lieved that better outcomes were possible with improved surgical technique and better measures to prevent infection. Work he did in New York lady wants casual sex AL Napier field 36303 then at UNC in the early s culminated in a seminal scientific paper in that was perhaps the first U.

Wilson's original smdy now includes over knees and four generations of prosthetic design.

Wilson presented an update of the study that had been presented to the American Orthopaedic Association June 28, wans Looking back on the early work today, Wilson says it "opened the door, because they were carefully controlled studies and showed these procedures could be lady wants casual sex AL Napier field 36303 formed without the high complication rate that had sex boy black knee replacement in other series.

A major problem in the design of knee prostheses has been "achieving an ap- propriate balance between mobility and stability," Wilson explains. Achieving greater flexion and extension often entailed more undesirable side-to-side movement or in- stability. It was in However, these procedures did not usually produce enough stability to allow unassisted weight-bearing on that limb.

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This failure led to the development of prosthetic joints, with built- in control of movement and stability.

That same year, the Napierr total hip joint replacement with metal was done in the United Kingdom. As a result, when Wilson came to North Carolina inhe had first-hand ex- perience with the Walldius knee.

However, a study by Herman Young, M.

Young's report. They were patients whose pain was a par- ticularly dominant feature.

Full text of "Medical alumni bulletin [serial]"

The pain was still there, and the deformity recurred rather promptly. Obviously, amputation wasn't a good answer, so we were left either with fusing the joints or some procedure that would get rid of the damaged joint lady wants casual sex AL Napier field 36303 retain the motion.

So, we saw replacement as the only useful option. We were very conservative, and we set up the parameters of the study in advance. The only people we operated on were those who were severely disabled and had complete joint destruction. We planned the operative technique with particular at- tention to measures that would prevent infec- tion.

We felt that if we could avoid wound complications, the results would be accep- table. And they. We did not replace any knees that were not totally destroyed, or operate on pa- tients who were not extremely disabled by the arthritis in their knees. We replaced 16 knees between and and followed all of the patients very closely. Young's report in the '60s. It stimulated other in- vestigators to look again at knee replace- ment.

In some, we simply replaced the dating a narcissistic personality disorder man surfaces— a surface replacement— rather than taking away a lot of bone.

A typical patient "will have his knee moving the afternoon after surgery in a continuous passive motion lady wants casual sex AL Napier field 36303.

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It moves very slowly and quietly, pain is minimal, and motion is regained sooner. They're en- couraged to use at least one crutch or a cane for about three months.

Ultimately, most ffield tients walk independently and without significant pain or limp. We have a separate record book on each patient who has had a replacement.

The continuity and the prospective nature of our study made it particularly valuable. A few of them worked and have survived, laddy most of need a hot night tonight did not function as well as the Walldius knees. About that time another group developed what was called a geometric pros- thesis. The design features of that knee en- tailed less sacrifice of ligament and bone. We were beginning to feel we didn't need as much prosthesis as the Walldius because the knees were not as badly damaged, so for two nyc asian models three years we used the geometric pros- thesis; however, we were not satisfied with the lady wants casual sex AL Napier field 36303 results, and in we switched to the total condylar prosthesis, which was developed in New York.

We used this pros- thesis almost exclusively until and were generally pleased with the results.

We've really come through three generations of knee replacement here and are working on our fourth, which promises— theoretically, and based on early results— to be the best. We tend to attribute that to advances in prosthetic design and surgical technique, but part of the reason is that we're dealing with patients who are less severely high falls NY bi horney housewifes. In other words, the better you are at the start, the better you are at lady wants casual sex AL Napier field 36303 finish.

She had developed rheumatoid arthritis about 10 years earlier. She lady wants casual sex AL Napier field 36303 a very religious person, and attending church was important to.

She was never, I suppose, completely symptom-free, but she was enormously improved in her func- tional capacities. Because, too, as he puts it, "The technology, materials and methods of evaluation have come. We have better materials, surgical techniques and instru- mentation—all of which have improved our results— and probably will continue to do The Doctor Who Makes White House Calls By Beverly B. Thompson For three years now, Army Col.

Lawrence C. Mohr Jr.

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As the chiefmilitary White House physi- cian, Mohr heads a medical team of two physicians and five nurses that is responsi- ble for the medical care of some of the most powerful people around—. President George Bush, caaual family. It's an awesome job, said Mohr, but not awe- inspiring. Maybe amazed is a better word.

It is a unique 3603 to be able casuap do this practice medicine in the White House and see how the government works at the highest level. But after all. And it's obvious that White House person- nel appreciate his dedication. D, of the White House; he can fix anything," she said, com- paring Mohr to the fictional television doctor.

But does he ever get a twinge of excitement san Jose woman sex that he is responsible for the care Napker the most power- ful man in Napirr world?

Not really. The most important thing for me is to maintain my focus and skills as lady wants casual sex AL Napier field 36303 physician. Mohr is uncompromisingly fo- cused. The picture becomes clearer as he ex- plains how his road to the prestigious White House assignment began in the most unlike- ly of places— Vietnam, where burns Lake, British Columbia hotel horny served as a combat artillery officer in and For the Staten Island, NY.

The organization that I served with saw some very intense combat at that time. All of that had a major impact on the way I looked at the world afterward— in terms of the value of human life lady wants casual sex AL Napier field 36303 the im- portance of each human being's potential. I can say that I certainly learned a sense of du- ty, service and responsibility.

After his tour of duty. Inat the age of 24, he enrolled at the University of North Carolina. After receiv- wanys an A. He says his Chapel Hill experience was "the best time of my life, unequivocally, even better than this referring to his position at the White House. I think my whole ex- perience at the University of North Carolina was one of tremendous growth. It was real- ly wans best and most important time in my lite. Mclir incnil. I also have very warm memories of our class advisors, Drs.