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I need a couch to crash on for 2 months I Search Dick

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I need a couch to crash on for 2 months

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MooseyMcMan said:.

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Depends on which couch. The one in the living room or the one in my sex dungeon?

Because hell no if they want to use the couch in my sex dungeon. It wouldn't be the sexing I mind, it's the not inviting me to at least watch. That's just rude. I don't want rude people sleeping on my couch.

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Am I weird because I wouldn't necessarily give a shit if people I had over had sex on my couch? Really the only reason I'd be wary of the situation is because they would be strangers, and I wouldn't want any of my shit to get destroyed or stolen.

I'll stick to having people I know sleeping on my couch. Yeah, that's pretty weird, sorry! I saw three groups advertising couch surfing the other day and thought about it, I don't think I could just trust a random stranger to just have them sleep in my house.

I dunno. I guess I'll be the dissenting voice and say I don't think this is really that weird.

Seems kinda immature to just assume people are gonna bone the fuck down on your couch for no reason. I've had friends who have done it and had nothing but good experiences. No sex on their couches as far as I know.

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The ones I met were super nice and friendly. I'm pretty sure most of those sites revolve around a reviewing process, so if you use it and are a piece of shit, it'll follow you.

Also had some friends use it in Europe during the weeks before a studio in Brazil. They were just hopping month, chilling with people.

I also have a friend who subets her apartment out a lot. It's cheaper than hotels in NYC for people, and she uses it to supplement traveling around when she's not working as a translator for the UN.

That website scares me. No one is permitted to "crash" in my "pad" unless it's a dire emergency.

Would you invite a couple to crash on your couch on couchsurfing? - Off-Topic - Giant Bomb

That includes family members. I don't like other people in my apartment. SpartanHoplite said:. Casual sex in Lyng are alright folk, because the people who do it actively participate in the community and aren't some random assholes who can sign up in five minutes.

I've hosted a few folk, they're okay. Seriously though, my issue wouldn't be with people boning; couldn't care less about.

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Not a huge fan of complete strangers moving in with me. Fucking hell, have you been raiding my files again?

I swear, this exact situation is the premise of like 7 couh my adult film screenplays, and two of my regular screenplays. Hell no. It has nothing to do with a fear of them having sex, I don't trust most people that I know to stay at my house, I sure as hell wouldn't let some random people stay.

How Much To Charge A Couch-Crasher

No, but not for the reason you listed. I live in a one room place that isn't big ened for a couch. It's also against my contract to have anyone besides me stay here overnight. By the way, couchsurfing is an website where you meet other strangers who want to have a sleepover in others homes.

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Sound weird? I have a friend who does it, it's no too awkward.

Wouldn't bother me. I have people staying round mine all the time Out of my group of friends I live the most central in London so at the weekend a lot of people will just crash on my couch instead of trying to get home at 3am.

It would be a bit weird if they were complete strangers but I would be more worried about them stealing shit than having crassh.

Who cares if someone else does. It wont even begin to make a difference. I don't invite random people to just mess up my couch submissive gay the rest of my house. Someones car could break down near my house and they would come to the ckuch and ask to borrow my phone, fuck 'em. Smoke Signals are still viable, use that!

I let a heron crash at my place once, and it flew into my kitchen and made a mess of my pots and pans. Fuck herons, and fuck couch surfing.

5 tips to crash on couches like a pro

But mainly, fuck herons. I've thought about doing some couchsurfing. People are a lot cooler and less rapey than you shut-ins think. Get out and see the world a bit.

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Nefd need to stop visiting the internet so. I lose what little respect I have for this world every single day I click a link in this damn forum, lol. Also, fuck no. I don't let strangers into my home unless they would need mortal aid. Please Log In to post.

I can't bear the idea. I'm pretty sure I pressed off topic Mnths no! Phatmac Follow Forum Posts: Dude no. It will be a nice setup for a good fucking.

What the hell is couchsurfing? MooseyMcMan said: I think it's a gross idea for way more reasons than just sex.

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Yeah, I never heard of it maybe I have, but don't rememberand I don't think I want to. Do they need to get punished if they use the couch in your sex dungeon? Why make them use the couch?

Our bed will fit. HatKing Follow Forum Posts: NegativeCero Follow Forum Posts: Justin Follow Forum Posts: Naked girls ireland question isn't so much "what the fuck"?

Bloodgraiv3 Follow Forum Posts: Maybe it's something that's just more common in cities where hotels are priced really high?

Overnight Links Last-Minute Travelers with Couches and Beds | Digital Trends

HerbieBug Follow Forum Posts: Oh all the witty comments SpartanHoplite said: Yanngc33 Follow Forum Posts: Why would they have sex? Maybe they'll be polite and not fuck each other on your coach Vexxan Follow Forum Posts: The idea of "couchsurfing" sounds so fucking stupid. Aronman Follow Forum Posts: The sex part doesn't matter to me, I'm more creeped out by the thought of strangers in my house. Jimbo Follow Forum Posts: I agree. If there's one thing I can't monfhs it's rudeness. Yanngc33 said: Wouldn't be the firl sex time.

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So sure. I don't think so. Addfwyn Follow Forum Posts: I wouldn't care if they had sex if I had a bigger place that they could stay at.