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How to ask the date in french I Looking Sexual Encounters

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How to ask the date in french

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Knowing how to talk about the date is essential for making reservations and appointments. Dates are a little bit different in French than English, but they're not difficult once you learn the rules and formulas. The basic question, "What's the date?

I Am Wants Man How to ask the date in french

Quelle est la date? Quelle est la date aujourd'hui? What's today's date?

What date is the party, your birthday To say what the date is, the most frencj thing to remember is that the number must precede the month. Use this construction: C'est le 8 avril.

Give us an English day of the week that ends in “y,” and we'll give you a French one that doesn't. Here's how to write the date in French. Dates in French use the cardinal number (five) instead of the ordinal number (fifth ). In response to the question, C'est quand ton anniversaire?, you would say. The only possible translation of "what" here is the interrogative adjective quelle; you can't say qu'est-ce que la date or qu'est-ce qui est la date. More about this.

C'est le 2 janvier. The first day of the month is a little different—you have to use the ordinal number: C'est le premier avril, C'est le 1 er avril.

C'est le premier juillet, C'est le 1 er juillet. Informally, for all of the above, you can replace C'est with On est or Nous sommes: On est le 30 octobre.

Nous sommes le premier juillet.

How to ask the date in french

If you want to include the year, just tack it on to the end: C'est le 8 avril On est le 1 er juillet Nous sommes how to ask the date in french 18 octobre Idiomatic expression: Tous les 36 du mois - Once in a blue moon. When writing the short form of the date in French, it is more important than ever to remember that the day goes first, followed by the month.

This is easy for British English speakers, since they use the same format as the French, but can be very confusing for American English speakers. There are a few different formulas you need to know in order to talk about the day of the dat in French.

So "It's Saturday" can be said:. Then to answer, say What day is the party?

Quand est le repas? When is the meal? Note that this question is for when you know the date of the event.

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C'est dimanche. What day is your birthday this year?

It's on Sunday. When What day is Halloween this year?

4 Ways to Write the Date in French - wikiHow

It's on Wednesday. Generally speaking, this is equivalent to using the word "this" in English: He arrived how to ask the date in french Saturday, He arrived this Saturday. We're going to go shopping on Wednesday, this Wednesday. In the English translation, you're likely to need the word "that": He face to face sex chat that Saturday, He arrived that week on Saturday.

We're going frencu go shopping that Wednesday before the party. He used to arrive on Saturdays, every Saturday.

We go shopping on Wednesdays. Nous sommes le lundi premier octobre It's Monday, October 1st, Or if you really want to say the day of the week first, just be sure to pause before following with the date.

How to ask the date in french

It's Tuesday July 16th. Share Flipboard Email.

Asking the Date The basic question, "What's the date? Continue Reading.

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