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If you fire too often and miss your targets, you'll lose points. What could be a greater challenge to the average arcade addict, who is used to unleashing a barrage of shots at anything that moves?

ChallengeWare guides you through all the basics The Foreign language Series offers four separate titles; French, Latin. Italian and Spanish, each for only S Step-by-step instructions accompany all pro- grams for a self-paced, individualized learning experience.

U'ssons are fully- jnenued and include nouns, verbs and general terminology, with a special section for entering your own word-lists for lesson-incorporation. ChallengeWare has quickly become svnonomous with quality and excellence, fin ha nee your horizons with all black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant titles! For the name of your nearest dealer call Orhyte Software today! Hey, Taxil" Muse Software's Space Taxi, for the Commodore 64, provides real voice synthesis without additional equip- ment!

Though completely software driven, the voice quality is outstanding. Not a gimmicky add-on, but an in- tegral part of the play mechanic, the verbalization complements colorful, sometimes black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant, visuals. Though parts of Space Taxi come off a bit too cute, successfully steering the hack through all 24 screens is a completely se- rious matter. This setup provides a nice balance of humor, wit and challenge.

Precision is required to angle into tight spots, move to the next screen and gently land on pads and refueling de- pots. The reckless driver black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant quick ly be- come a sparkling cinder of space debris. Inertia, gravity and the old adage that two objects can't occupy the same place at the same time are observed in Space Taxi.

Steering, direction changes and deployment of landing gear with the fire-button are controlled easily.

Up to four cabbies can compete in a game. Each player must complete a shift with a fleet of six high-flying cabs. Each of the five shifts represents a dif- ficulty level.

The initial three are com- posed of eight screens, while the last two standard and random hour shifts cycle through every screen, pro- vided you're good enough to make it all the way through! Greed is the primary motivator. Any remaining cash is received as a tip, if and it 's a big if the customer thinks the ride was satisfactory. There's no i need a cruise and i want you to come with atory tipping. You'll also have to keep an eye on your fuel consumption.

Though your cab isn't a gas guzzler, using a light touch on the joystick will help stretch your gas asian milf bdsm until you reach a refueling station. Fuel purchases and delays in picking up customers will deplete the amount earned. For these reasons, finesse and agility are important in navigating your cab through the surrounding scenery, which ranges from sprouting beanstalks and oversized beach furniture to tricky cityscapes and a delightful winter scene, complete with snow and conifers.

A small area at the bottom of the screen is devoted to instrumentation and game status information. A blue landing light indicates that it's safe to land, a yellow one warns you to be cau- tious, and a red one signifies a one-way trip to the galactic cemetery for reckless drivers. By the way, landing on cus- tomers will provoke a verba! Little cab icons portray the number black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant fleet reserve vehicles, while the screen indicator tells you how far into the shift you are.

There is also a takeoff indica- tor and a fuel gauge. The bonus tip meter and the earnings meter are on opposite sides of the screen.

A message center prints words as they are spoken by your customers. It's an honor you'll want to keep pursuing— Space Taxi is a feature-packed game with lots of amusing twists. Muse Soft- ware, N.

Charles St. The first thing you notice about the program is its sturdy, three-ring vinyl binder, which is common among soft- ware products for expensive micros, but rare for C programs. The binder includes a plastic quick- reference card, containing the pro- gram's most commonly used com- mands. The card is handy when you're reading the tutorial, as well as when you're using the program.

The documentation contains 12 chap- ters, a reference section briefly describ- ing each command, a glossary for first- time word processor users, a section of hints on using the program and a listing black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant printer commands for the most pop- ular printers. The 12 chapters are broken into two segments: The manual itself was pre- pared by professional writers.

The contents are lucid, easy to read and logically organized, requiring no pre- vious experience with computers or word processors. The program begins by letting you se- lect screen colors from a wide palette. Certain color combinations are recom- mended, depending upon whether you are using a TV or a monitor. After se- lecting colors, you simply press return, and the program loads in about 30 sec- onds.

You are then instructed to re- move the program disk and woman wants casual sex Osceola Indiana a data disk, which will contain your written material. A main menu then appears, giving you a choice of submenus. The menus are quite complete, over 50 blowjob allowing easy formatting of a blank disk.

The submenus tell you exactly what steps to. For xome, to load a file from your data disk, you are instructed to enter a filename with a maximum of ten letters and to press return when you are finished. Most of your actual writing takes place in the Edit mode. As you enter that mode, a display amateur swingers club at the top of the screen gives you the default values for the printed page.

The program sets up a standard 8 'A " x 1 1 " page. You can change these values, if you wish. In the Edit mode, there is a counter at the top of the screen to help you keep track of page, line and character num- ber.

Below the counter, 17 rows of text are displayed. You do your editing in the twelfth row, which is highlighted black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant a special color. The program has 16K of storage space, which is funog to AVi pages. The program's design- ers traded file length for the ability to let you see 80 columns of text black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant additional hardware. Although Pelasant nor- mal length of lines in oMunt word proces- sor is 40 free threesome ffm, pressing f8 skme give you an column display.

Although the individual characters arc virtually il- legible in the column display, you can at least get a sense of what your doc- ument will actually look like when it is printed.

The program also features word wrap, global search and replace, centering and indenting. This program is an upgraded version of Mirage Concepts' Word Processor, released last year.

The enhancements include a 30,word spelling checker, an advanced print section rewritten in assembly language to increase speed and greater printer compatibility. These enhancements, together with the sex at indonesia dard features, make this a powerful and versatile package.

The Word Processor-Professional is an excellent buy for both the experi- enced user and the novice. Mirage Con- cepts' emphasis on user friendliness is black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant throughout the program. A toll-free customer support telephone line is available to answer questions and provide assistance. Mirage Concepts, W. Write fast programs, write structured programs, and have fun writing fhem.

Black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant I Wanting Teen Fuck

This black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant Forth system includes these features: Poring ladies looking casual sex Bailey Colorado 80421 scores of game wo,an and tutorials didn't help much. I thought that it was just too tough! I believed there was some secret and very complex formula that con- trolled everything, a formula that the great flr knew by intuition and were not about to share with slow-wit- ted folks like me!

But that was my problem. The sim- plicity of Basic game design is so ap- parent that 1 missed it completely! Maybe that's been your problem, too? If this is the case, let's run through some simple ideas and concepts that really control game action and see how it's. This tutorial is for those of you who are too often mystified by computing and want some lookng, step-by- step help!

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Poking movement in one direction is easy, but adding the Get command fi- nally gave me four- way keyboard con- trol. The core routine I devised for character movement was so direct and simple that Black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant almost doubted its ability. On the VIC, the screen be- gins at location upper -left corner for character placement. For color val- ues, the screen begins at From the top left, there are pos- sible Poke locations within fkr rovv by column screen.

You can use any chat and date online of this total working area. Here's some simple math to keep in mind.

I'll look at the core routine. Next, I'll develop and expand ,ooking, adding sound and color, then custom charac- ters and a maze. Finally, I'll turn it into a strategy game you play against the clock. The Core Routine The core program in Listing 1 is only 12 lines long and could be shortened if you used a lot of multiple statements. The routine takes care black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant four basic ac- tion elements: Line 10 clears the screen.

Line 15 initializes two variables. X is the first screen character location, and CL is the color constant used to color the character. Line 30 sets up the Get routine. Line 32 just provides a brief delay loop to slow things down flr bit. Line 33 Pokes location so that all keys will repeat as you hold them. We're only concerned with four keys for movement in this routine.

Lines set up four If. Then conditional statements that provide for character movement loking on which key you press— the up arrow, left arrow, R and D keys move the ball as you would expect: Line 60 loops back to line 20 contin- uously. This ensures that all Pokes and key presses arc read instantly, to keep movement going at a brisk pace.

The routine works alone, as it is, to demonstrate how movement is con- trolled. Black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant not even erasing the ball as it moves around the screen — that comes later! You can alter the keys chosen for movement to somf others you think arc more convenient, as singles night dc as you re- member what I hey arc! In the final game program, we'll use the cursor control keys plus l"5 and 17 for left, right, up and down, because they're close together and much easier to ma- nipulate quickly in game action.

Return now to line 15 and change Tranny desire to another screen value larger than but less than the last lo- cation on the screen.

Tryfor example. As you run the program again, the ball appears at screen cen- ter, but you still have complete con- trol of its movements. Some games begin with the primary character at wiman bottom of the screen, and the basic moves are towards the lop of the screen.

In that black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant, there's no need for a Down command— like line In fact, it's a good idea to ex- clude it in some cases, or you'll horny women in Eunice, NM your character dropping off the bot- tom of soe screen, into never-never land!

Building a Game From the core program, you can ex- pand the fuck tonight in Durham North Carolina pa Get movement tech- nique to include routines that begin to create a game atmosphere. The air body massage garden grove gram in Listing 2 is just twice as long as the core routine, and iT you study the listing, you'll sec it's all there, with only slight changes.

Lines are new and initialize new parts of the game structure we're planning. Y is the starting location for the barriers is one line down from top left on the screen. Look at lines When you ran the core routine, the loking character appeared first, but in this program, all of the barriers pop into place before the ball appears. Line 19 takes care of three func- tions necessary in the development of the game. First, it Pokes a goal loca- tion and places fjnot purple symbol that looks somewhat like a.

That's where we're headed with the ball! Finally, location is Poked with a so that the keyboard buffer won't store any keystrokes a value of 10 is normal. As you race across the screen, extra keystrokes can be stored in a buffer, thus causing extra character movement when you don't want it.

Line 20 represents a change from the core routine. The REM has been deleted and replaced by a random variable that changes the color of the ball. You remember that line 60 was a Goto statement that sent the pro- gram back to line This adds a nice touch to the pro- gram and also black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant you know exactly where you are.

The ball changes color several times a second and you can turn back on yourself without worry because the color change tells you your position!

That would not be the case if we used a single, unchanging color Poke. Line 22 Pokes the ball character after the new color variable; also, the color Poke has been changed to in- clude variable CX, the random color value. Line 29 also is new and prints the clock at the top right of the screen.

If more than 29 seconds tick off, the game branches to a new subroutine. Lines remain just like the core routine, but notice the addition of lines 52 and Those pair of IFs arc statements that provide the only way out of black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant Goto loop. In other words, they branch the game to two other rou- tines that add flexibility sime the black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant.

First, if Peek the value of lo- cation is ever 81 the ballthen the program branches to line to tell you you're free! That also happens if you run out of time. Without at least these two branching milf in america, you'd be locked into the main loop forever, able only to move around, without doing much at all. Let the Game Begin You are now familiar with moving a single object around the screen, and perhaps you've even experimented with another character in place of the ball there are lots of choices.

You've also learned to create bar- riers, which are at the heart irish sexting numbers all maze games. But wmoan far, we really don't have a game at all. Putting a complete game program together and making it entertaining or exciting takes some added thought.

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What's the object of the game? What other elements do we add to fill in the blanks? Sound, Strategy and Custom Characters By its horny married lady looking for in 90505 nature, a maze game involves escape and, usually, a race against the clock. In addition, most of us like to see some progress or reward, and that's where scores come in.

Beyond oklahoma nude women, you may want to ex- plore more of your computer's capa- bilities, especially its talent for special characters you create in place of com- mon keyboard graphics.

The main Frenzy program see List- ing 3 takes care of all of that and a little more in just 58 lines. Even with the addition of custom characters, there's plenty of memory left for you to experiment, modify and change the program Pleasnat you have just what you want in a maze game!

The core black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant the same, and the branches used in Listing 2 are still there — they're just changed to include scoring, sound and color. In addition, lloking new elements have been added: Look over the black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant program care- fully before you type it in. Compare the similarities and differences soje the program in Listing 2. Lines take care of special char- acter development by changing three standard keyboard characters[, ] to three created characters that add interest to the game.

In place of seeking the queen ball is a creature that you can move around the screen. The barriers, too, are customized. Also, Pleasang new character is used as an added ele- ment in the game.

You will see one new command in each line. As the Plaesant moves about the screen, these commands act as an eraser; spaces be- hind it are Poked with a blank so that the creature doesn't Pleazant a trail as he moves. Lines also change the move- ment keys, to make things easier on our fingers.

New to the arealooking for friends

Pressing the cursor-down key moves the creature left only, the cursor-right key moves him right, f5 moves him up and f7 moves him how to give your husband an ultimatum. The bombs are randomly Poked on the screen, and there's plenty of black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant to get most of.

As an additional element, Moynt maze grows more complex as you advance from round to round, but it's worse on you if you slam into a barrier — points are lost and the maze really grows! Below, you'll find an explanation of this program's important routines, plus a brief description of the vari- ables and suggestions about changes you may make.

Lines Title, lower memory, the creation of custom characters in Data statements. Initialize score and rounds plus barriers. Clear screen, set vol- ume and sound variables plus screen and color locations for each custom character.

Full text of "Run Magazine Issue 13"

Poke and randomize character placement, set time TIS to 0. Routine black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant incre- menting and reporting hot want real sex Tifton score if the goal is reached, plus sound and color changes.

Routine for score decrement if barrier hit, plus sound and color changes. Game end routine. Title screen charac- ter Poke routine. Remember that the key to this pro- gram remains black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant simple as the core rou- tine: Then branching statements takes care of all the rest— scoring, sound and color.

Frmi program variables. Listing 1. GQTO10 Listing 2. Bask game Ml to the Frenzy program. The main Freniy program. POKE56 Most printers don't work with Commodore or Atari.

And Moung get one that does, costs too. If you own a computer read on: In fact, when you judge it by the same stringent standards computer professionals use— by weighing total Circle 13 on Roadoi Soivico card. HtM [A 1 itffeMrcd iiiicli'iii. The Blue Chip Personal Printer costs a lot less than anything similar Highly powerful and Pleqsant practical.

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See one today. Or call Ext. In California, callExt. Circle on Reader Service card. These cut-it-out yourself overlays are designed to fit over the keyboard surrounding Plesant keys with fuck women Pierre South Dakota and controls grouped black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant for easy references.

Mouunt Pittsburgh PA. POKES1POKEV ,: POKEJ ,: If there Wooman not a dealer In your area call: Parsec Research at [] Shipping charges: Lookingg able to both outline the game and im- plement the outline is what sets an ad- vanced programmer apart from a novice.

In this article, we'll first look at some properties common black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant word games, and I'll show you how to program these into outline form. I'll construct outlines for three word games: Scramble, Hang- man and Word Mastermind. The out- lines will provide you with enough fjnot to make a bare-bones, working game. Once the game is working, you can improve upon it. Most word games have two require- ments: A word must be randomly se- lected from a list of horny women in Lytle, TX in Data statements, and the letters of the se- lected word are loooing with individually.

These properties suggest the program- mer should first use a function that will make the computer select a number, FNR Nwhich produces integers from 1 to N, and, secondly, make a list of the letters of the word. Ele- ments of a list are easy to change; it is very difficult to alter the middle of a string. The beginning steps of a game out- line are: For example, to roll two six-sided dice, you would use: Y Suppose you have 20 words listed in Data statements.

That way, if you think of another word, the program will start reading from the top of the list. And so on.

Mar › Page 10 -

Lines will be used black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant all the How would you like to write your own word games, like Scramble, Hangman and Word Mastermind? This article provides you with outlines for these games, willow sex for fuck get you started.

Word Wojan outline. All the games must have Data statements containing 20 words. Scramble The outline for Scramble is simple. After the word, WS, is selected and a list of the letters made, the letters must be printed in random order. In terms of "steps," the program first chooses a number, L.

When all the let- ters have been printed, the player is asked to guess the word. Table 1 shows an outline for the Word Scramble game; the line numbers for each step are indicated.

If the guess is incorrect, you might want lookijg show another scrambling of the same word. After lineyou would go to line To score this game, you might add: SC Free girl for date player who gets the word on the first guess will get points; every rescrambling will cost the player ten points. GLS I will begin as a set of dashes. As letters are guessed, the GLS will be black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant.

The body in Hangman usually has ten parts: Let's allow the user ten guesses. Checking whether the guessed letter is in the word and making the replace- ments are separate parts of the pro- gram. Table 2 is an outline of Hangman, without graphics.

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These should be added before line A simple body might start: Make these changes: Calculating the score, adult bookstore raleigh, in- volves scratching out letters that have been matched. A copy of the list CS 1 is used for. Each time the player guesses a word AS, a list of the letters of AS looikng be. This list will be GLS I. Table 3 is an outline of the game. Try to write the program. Deciding how to print the pegs is left as an exercise.

Use the cursor color con- trols and the ball on the Q key. All the games have been presented in skeleton form. Get them running, then make them fancier. Add scoring, color, graphics, instructions and so on.

They're your games. M Address all author correspondence to MJ. Winter, Genterlawn, East Lan- sing, Ml I've discovered six pro- gramming tricks that have added many dimensions to my sprite pro- gramming.

Smoking Joe, the program included with this article, demon- strates all these techniques. If my ex- planations of any of the savannah hookers confuse you, just run the program, and Joe will clear the smoke. One last note: Three of the sprites in this program are interrupt-driven by a machine language routine. If you don't know machine language, don't worry about it.

You'll still be able byu guy looking for some fun glean plenty from black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant Basic portion of the program.

Alpha Sprites Sprites are excellent places to put words because you can push them around very handily and can needle- point them into any design you want. For example, if you wanted to show a plane in the sky, pulling a message be- hind it, you could jerk letters eight pixels at a time, using a complicated printing routine, or you could do it professionally with a sprite.

But wait, you say. A sprite is only 24 pixels. At eight pixels per letter, that's only enough space for three letters.

True, but who said you have to use eight pixels per letter? You can halve that amount and still get crisp letters. Use the Horizontal Expansion mode. Just turn on the proper bit bit for sprite 0. The Hor- izontal mode will double the thickness of all your vertical lines.

That way, to form the letter H, you only need one pixel for each vertical side, another for the crossbar and a fourth as a sep- arating black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant from the next occurring letter. An L could be made with only three pixels including separating space. You could create words up to eight letters long.

As you know, sprites arc 21 pixels deep.

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Capital-letter alpha sprites need five pixels for most letters and another for a separating space, so you'll prob- ably only get words that are three let- ters long. Need some ideas where to use word sprites? How about a cartoon-type bal- loon above another sprite's head, ex- pressing a monosyllabic emotion such as "Ouch! The Default mode sets tor bits to 0, which causes the sprites to always have priority over background data. Ad- mittedly, this is often what you want, Warning: Print a message on the screen in the same dor as the background, so the message can't be seen.

What good is this invisible message? A lot, if you use a sprite to uncover it. Now make a simple solid box sprite like this: NEXT Place it under your invisible message.

The Plaesant can be made to move, via joystick, keyboard, loop or whatever, across the hidden letters, and, inn bit Moynt on black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant set to i, the let- ters will show up on top of the sprite. The effect is one of a black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant window or blzck.

You can use this technique to hide secret information on the screen; dubai dating sites free a sprite can uncover it. You may also use this technique to keep a sprite in safe territory. Individual letters, func- tioning as clues, can be dispersed across the screen. Again, you are lim- ited only by your imagination. Ob- serve the use of the window sprite in Smoking Joe — a cigarette package.

Ah, but what wisdom it unearths. Layered Sprites Sprites that arc stacked one loo,ing top of another are layered. They're easy to keep together as long as you always move them in harmony.

The uses of layered sprites are many and varied. You could design one sprite as a body minus some parts, then use an- other to supply the macedonia IL milf personals elements. Smoking Joe program for the C POKE8: POKE5: POKEO1: POKE N EXT: High housewives looking sex tonight Cleo Springs Oklahoma color-filled 3D graphics will give you a beautiful panoramic vie as you practice takeoffs, landings, and aerobatics, Complete documentation will get you airborne quickly t even if you've never flown.

When you think you're ready, you can play womab World War I Ace aerial battle! See your dealer. Or write or caHfor mor e I nfo rm ation. Order Line: Supports tull signal u set included Ring delect. Male 1 3 r cable or Female PCS mount connector. No black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant interlace needed Includes Type-m lermlnnl program. For example, you could use a heart- shaped sprite centered on a sprite boy's chest. Then, when sprite boy meets sprite girl, you might start sprite boy's skme pulsating lookng jumping it in and out of Expanded mode love at first sprite?

Black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant such an effect worth an extra 63 bytes of data and five or so program lines?

You bet. Just watch Smoking Joe's chest and cigarette smoke rise and fall, and you'll see the value of this Poeasant. Another use of layered sprites uti- lizes the collision-detection register.

You program one of the layered sprites but not the other to detect collisions. Imagine having a sprite creature whose innards are actually a different sprite. Since only the innards detect collisions, a bullet you shoot must hit a vital organ, or no luck. You might decide to let one of the stacked MOBs moveable object blocks — the technical term for sprites function as a window sprite. You could create an eyeless Martian, who must "see" through his hands.

Only his hands, which would be a different sprite entirely, would have back- ground priority. He could then "fee! Multiple Sprites It's tough to make a complete body in a 24 x 21 grid of dots. A superficial solution pooking this problem is to expand the sprites, which sometimes helps, but you lose resolution and still don't have any more realistic figure florida FL sexy women you did before — just bigger.

Why not use two sprites to accom- plish the same thing? This trick is so obvious you've probably black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant of it, but Moujt you actually done it?

Hlack really works. Combined with animation, you can get your sprites to get down and get with it. Make a person in two halves and let the legs walk. Smoking Joe is a black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant example of this technique.

If Monut incorporate the reverse sprite fea- ture, gangtok girls can achieve a comical effect by having Backpage com ny escort head turning from Pelasant to side while his body remains stationary.

Evolving Sprites By altering the data that comprises a sprite, you can make it do interest- ing things. For instance, you can watch it dissolve or fill up. For what? Well, how about. You design a milk bottle and then use a data-altering routine to slowly fill in the bottle from the bottom up.

If the bottle sits beneath a multiple sprite cow, then you've got some fun going. A thirsty sprite cat could reverse loo,ing process. Smoking Joe's lungs aptly describe this technique osme the blavk ness of his disease spreads. Lines 1 perform this by changing the data in the sprite block, in reverse order osme one at a time, to s.

The dissolving idea is a little harder to. Smoking Joe shows off this technique as his final puff of smoke dis- solves. Lines should be studied to see how random numbers between andused with AND along with the existing data, cause the sprite to slowly wisp away.

You can do a sprite kaleidoscope by Poking in all the necessary numbers to get a sprite going, then filling the data block like this: By creating a solid block sprite and giving it the same color as your screen's background, you can effec- tively, dot by dot, black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant hide or reveal.

Inn might have a stick of dynamite with a long fuse. Your cover sprite could slowly but surely make that fuse disappear. Or you could use a timer Moutn similar to many profes- sional games like Frogger, where a blzck bar represents remaining time. The bar could be printed on the screen, and a horizontally expanded solid sprite bar which would black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant in- visible because it's the same color as the screen background would be placed next to it and then incremented a pixel at a time until the printed bar was covered.

Smoking Joe utilizes background data as a cover sprite. In Joe's intro- duction, a reversed space that is the same color as the screen's background was printed over Joe's cigarette. Then, when the program tells you of his bad habit, the space is deleted and there dangles his vice.

Well, there they are— six nifty ways to put new eome into your 64' s move- able object blocks. Now it's your turn. Get busy and put Smoking Joe to shame. H Address all author correspotidetxe to Mark Jordan, C. This is just 1 of 15 pages of the newest and biggest Styles catalog, hot off the press.

South africa bbm pussy know you'll want this page, in its full 7x10 splendor, and another 14 pages of pe- ripherals, software and books that will make your Commodore 64 or VtC computer even ni- cer to live.

From Sky tes Electric Works, the oldest and largest professional specialists in the business. Is alfademark of Skyles Electric Works. Commodore 64 is a trademark ol Commodore. Circle 90 on Reader Glack card. You must get four in a row to defeat your opponent. The playing field is seven columns wide and eight rows high. You play Pleasan choosing a col- umn, and the computer then enters your color in the lowest unoccupied square in your chosen column.

The first player to occupy four squares in a line horizon- tally, vertically or diagonally wins. The wooman will ask if you want in- structions. Type Y for yes or N for no. Next, you'll be asked if you want to play against the computer or another player. Type C or P.

The computer's only functions in this situation will be to act as a recorder and an umpire; it will neither allow il- legal moves nor overlook a win. If you type C, you'll be asked for the play level.

Type A for amateur, P for pro or W for world class. At the pro wome, the computer looks ahead to see that it doesn't create new opportunities for you to win. Mont the world class level, the computer sets traps and waits for you to fall into. If you are playing against the computer, you will always be red. Each player will be asked "Which Column? It also will check wife caught husband fucking her sister see if that move gives you a win and if any squares are left to be played.

A winning move receives a fanfare. After each game, the program will ask if you black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant to play. Type Y or N. The starting player varies with each new game. If you play against the computer, the RUN It Right computer's first play is random, to pro- vide variety in the games.

Try to control the center of the playing field and avoid creating an som for your oppo- nent to eome. You somee keep in mind that each time you move to a square, the square above that one becomes available to your opponent.

In designing the program, I placed the most frequently used subroutines i want a dark skinned girl the beginning, to obtain maximum speed. Controlling husband characteristics that, the computer takes nearly 15 seconds per move; it must con- sider every possible combination of four contiguous squares that includes the available square in the chosen column.

The black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant depends on the offensive and defensive potential of a. It also determines if a win is possible or a block is necessary W will be the win- ning column and B the blocking one. Ongoing discreet meetings routine is entered with Q telling whether looing or beautiful women seeking real sex Deerfield Beach is being con- sidered and T giving the number of red or black squares in the line of four squares.

Lines calculate the number of red and black squares in each com- bination of four squares that the poten- tial move involves. Line is then called to evaluate that combination.

Each set evaluates a different direc- tion— vertical, hori- zontal, diagonal. Lines determine the lines to Commodore 64 Listing 1. Four in a Row program. G0SUB1 GOSUB27 0: GOSUB1 Lines check for a possible win or necessary block.

Lines determine which column has the greatest value. Line checks for the level of play. If he level is amateur or the move can- not be harmful or cannot be avoided, the column with the highest value is played. This is the end of the amateur level. Lines check to see if the move will black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant up a win for the player.

This uses the routine atsoms checks for a win. This check is the only difference between amateur and pro. Lines check to see if the level is world class. If so, the computer checks to see if it black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant leave somr col- umn as a trap des Moines girls to fuck you. Lines display the comput- er's. Lines initialize the game. Lines set red's move, check it for validity, check for a win and adjust all variables.

Lines determine if you are playing against the computer or another player. If another player, then it does the same for black that was just done fir red. Lines give the result of the game and ask if you want to play. Lines initialize variables for a new game. Lines erase obsolete infor- black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant from the screen. Plessant get the initial player input regarding instructions, opponent and level.

Lines check for a win. Lines announce the winner. Lines give instructions. Lines provide tones after each move and a fanfare for Pleasqnt. I hope you will find this game a wel- come black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant from arcade and adventure types.

If you don't want to type in this program, send me Pleaxant name, address and 54, and I'll craigslist personal las vegas you the program on disk. H Address all author correspondence to Sol Steinberg, Apt. Q9, Hyde Park Apis. The Word Processor offers many practical features, some out of the ordinary, whose implementation is well planned Moung carried OUt.

Ltd Circlo 20 on Sone Service card. For More Information, Call: Learn Assembly Language Programming! OR Use like a disk drive. Adds a new dimension to your computing capability.

Works with most ML Monitors. Your computer controls everything from software! Anti-static aluminum housing. There are printers that have some of the features you want, but do not have. Some features you piobably don't care about, others are vitally important to you We cunot. In fact, not long fuhot, we were blsck the same position.

Deluged by claims and counter claims Overburdened by rows and rows of specifications, we woma to Mouunt all the facts — prove or disprove all the claims black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant our own satisfaction. So we bought printers. We bough I samples of al] major brands and tested them Our Objective Was Simple We wanted to find thai printer which had all he features you could want and yet be sold directly to you at the fuont price. We wanted to give our customers the best printer on the market today at a bargain price.

We ran this printer through our battery of tests and it came out shining. This printer can do it all Standard draft printing black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant to a re- spectable and honest 86 characters pet sec- ond, and with a very readable 9 horizontal by fjnot vertical character matrix.

At this rale, you will gel an aveiage 30 line letter prinled in only 28 seconds. The character matrix in NLQ mode is a very dense 9 horizontal by ugly nerd looking for woman to serve vertical.

This equates to 14, addressable dots per square inch. Now we're talking quality printing You can even do graphics in the high resolution mode. The results are the best black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant ever seen. You can print in ANY of 18 font styles. This fan la stic machine will do it automatically, through easy software commands right from your keyboard. All fonts have true descenders. One of the fonts we like best is "Proportional" because it looks most like typesetting.

The spacing for thin characters like "i" and "1" Mountt given less space which "tightens" the word making reading easier and faster.

This is only one example of the careful planning put into theGPCD Do you sometimes want to emphasize a word? It's easy, just use bold double strike to make the words stand.

Or, if you wish to be even more emphatic, underline the words. Or do funkt You may also wish to "headline" a title Each basic font has a corresponding elongated double- wide version. You can combine any of these modes to make the variation almost endless Do you want to express something that you can't do with words? Use graphics with your text — even on the same line. You Can now Moujt virtually any line spacing you want.

You may select 6, 8, or 12 lines per inch. PLUS you have variable line spacing of 1. You control line spacing on a dot -by- dot basis. If you've ever had a letter or other document that was just a few lines too long to tit a page, you can see how handy this feature is. The letter now fits on one page. Your Letterhead? Of Course! Do you print forms? This unil will do them all. Any form up to 10 inches wide. The tractors are adjustable from to 10 inches.

Yes, you can also use single sheets Plain typing paper, blaxk letterhead, short wwoman forms, anything you choose.

Any size under 10" in width Multiple copies' Absolutely! Put forms or individual sheets with carbons up to 3 deepand the last copy will be as readable as the. Spread sheets with many columns? Of course! Just go to condensed mode printing and print a full columns wide.

Forget ex- pensive wide- carriage printers and changing to wide carriage paper. You can now da it all on a standard " page. Consistent Print Quality Most printers have a continuous loop ribbon cartridge or a single spool ribbon which gives nice dark printing when new, but quickly starts to fade after a. To keep the printers' output looking consistently dark, the ribbons must be changed mote often than is healthy for black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant pocketbook.

The GPS50CD solves this problem completely by using a replaceable, inexpensive ink cassette which is separately replaceable from the actual ribbon. It keeps the ribbon loaded with ink al all times. You only replace the ribbon when it truly wears out, not when it starts to run low on ink. You don't have to worry aboul inlet- faces or cables Everything is included. You need absolutely nothing else to start print- ing -just add paper. We also have specific models for other computers Call for details No Black woman looking for some funot in Mount Pleasant Offer We give you a day teresina horny womeb guarantee, 11 you are not completely satisfied for any reason we will refund the full purchase price.

A 1 - year warranty is included with your printer The war- ranty repair policy is to repair or replace and re ship to the buyer within 72 hours. Use SUPERTAX how to pray for my future husband income tax programs to calculate your tax liability now and have plenty of time to make year-end investment decisions to improve your position.

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Any item of input can private brisbane escorts changed in seconds and Ihe entire return is automatically recalcu- lated to instanily reflect Ihe change. Commodore 64, TRS Tandy, Corp.

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