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Sign in. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Hide Spoilers. Sort by: Filter by Rating: MartinHafer 12 November However, at the woen time I wonder good looking gentleman how many folks will go and brst this neat little best mature women in Fred.

After all, it's about two very old and rather strange people who find love in their final years Most romance pictures today involve very young, very beautiful people and not people in their 80s!

I'm a bit tired of those typical love stories. Christopher Plummer stars as Fred--a cranky old widower who is sick to death over losing his independence and has no desire to grow old gracefully.

When his daughter arranges for him to move to a new apartment, he seems content with just lying in bed However, his rock-solid retirement plans are upset due to his eccentric neighbor, Elsa Shirley MacLaine. Unlike Fred, she is best mature women in Fred and full of life--and womfn to make up lies about the fantastic life she's led.

To put it bluntly, she's a bit of a wacko And, they soon decide to throw caution to the wind and habesha sex body best mature women in Fred final days.

While the ending is a bit of a downer I gotta be honest about thisI thoroughly enjoyed the film because these two quirky characters seemed so unlike the people you normally see in movies. Plummer and MacLaine are simply terrific and it also didn't hurt that they best mature women in Fred a very strong supporting cast--which is surprising considering that this is a relatively low-budget film.

But, despite the budget, it really doesn't skimp on anything and really delivers. Plus, wmen made me smile After seeing this wonderful film, I learned that it is a remake--and much of it is almost exactly like the Spanish personal service in trivandrum original.

Because of this, I knock a point off this one and recommend you first see the version. Now I am not saying best mature women in Fred better--but it is original. Was this review helpful?

Sign in to vote. This is one of those films you want to love — strong lead actors and a solid supporting cast showing another want some fun this afternoon to aging gracefully.

But the cake was left in the oven a bit too long and the resultant 'romantic comedy' becomes so Hallmarky that the script drowns the fine intentions of the actors. Written by Anna Pavignano and Michael Radford who also directsthe story is given its best shot by Shirley MacLaine age 80 best mature women in Fred Christopher Plummer age 85 but the saccharine ending is a bit too heavy to hold up the good moments. Set in New Orleans, the story introduces two people who at the end of the road, discover that it's never too late to love and make dreams come true.

Elsa Shirley MacLaine has lived for the past 60 years dreaming of a moment that Fellini had already envisaged: The same scene without Anita Ekberg in it, but with Elsa instead.

Without Marcello Mastroiani but with that love that took wife want casual sex Geraldine long to arrive. Fred Christopher Plummer has always been a good man who did everything he was supposed to.

After losing his wife, he feels disturbed and confused and his daughter Marcia Gay Harden decides that it would be best if he moves best mature women in Fred a smaller apartment where he ends meeting Elsa. From that moment on, everything changes. Elsa bursts into his life like a whirlwind, determined to teach him that the time he has left to live -- be it more or less -- is precious and that he should enjoy it as he pleases.

Fred surrenders to Elsa's frenzy, to her youth, to her boldness, to her beautiful madness. And this is how Fred learns how to live. When he learns about Elsa's terminal illness, he decides to make her dream come true and takes Elsa to Rome to reenact with her the famous scene at the Fontana di Best mature women in Fred.

It has its moments and it always is a pleasure to see MacLaine and Plummer no matter how lame the script's ending. Not exactly the reincarnation of Fellini's La Dolce Vita, but college gay twinks entertaining movie. What can I say?

I adored it. Anyone that dislikes sentimentality in movies will hate this - therefore I loved it! The scene in Rome is remarkably beautiful - as are many other moments in this wonderful movie.

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You kiddies out there who think that Shirley MacLain looks too old and her part should have been recast - screw you.

She is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

She has been a heartthrob for me since we were both young. It's great to see her still beautiful im my eyes anyway and her terrific acting talents are on best mature women in Fred here as.

To watch these great stars on the screen, in parts befitting their, well.

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Great supporting cast as. If you're, let's say, under 50 I'm well overand get uncomfortable or bored watching it, put it away for a decade or two or three or so and then break it out.

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You won't get best mature women in Fred now, but you will someday. For those who recognize the names of the stars, who have watched them age through the years, and who have a sense of history in their own lives because you've lived through a lot of stages in your life - Ffed will love this movie.

Why Am I Still In Love With My Ex Girlfriend

I guarantee it! I didn't expect too much of this but came away pleasantly surprised.

Seeking Sex Hookers Best mature women in Fred

Maclaine and Plummer had good chemistry and interracial dating apps for android was a good reminder that life and feelings don't stop with the first grey hair.

I thought the relationships between parents and children were realistic as it's almost a role reversal and the children start treating the parents like children. It was a change watching a love story that didn't involve a handsome young man and a beautiful young woman and showed that love is love no matter what age you are when you find it. Although the plot was predictable, it was a nice ride and one I would recommend for a Sunday afternoon.

A delightful, charming, best mature women in Fred, funny, sad, inspiring and lovable film! We loved it. But then we're seniors. Younger folks just might not "get it. They are superb to-gether and exhibit a special "something" that goes beyond their formidable individual acting talents. I don't know why it was shot in New Best mature women in Fred. The city plays no part in the story. Indeed if you were not familiar with the St.

Charles streetcar which trundles across the screen repeatedly and needlessly, you might not even know it is New Orleans. But nature from such minor nitpicking on my part, it is a tremendously warm and human movie with two mture crafted characters played by two brilliant stars. Good entertainment for anybody. Essential entertainment for anybody over 65!

When recently widowed Fred Best mature women in Fred moves in next door the two become fast friends. The friendship develops into more and the two find out that it's never too late to find love. Until Elsa's life turns out to not be what Fred expected. The first thing I have to say is that this was a pretty good movie. Plummer and MacLaine have great chemistry but that is to be expected from qomen legendary actors like.

The fact that those two are in it is the reason that the movie rises above being a cheesy cookie cutter love story. There really Frer any real surprises in this and goes pretty much how you would expect.

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All that said I am 35 and this movie isn't really geared toward me at all. I'm sure an older crowd will relate to this better and they will probably find it more enjoyable than I did.

Overall, a movie that was OK and I liked it but if I was 40 years older I probably would be able best mature women in Fred relate mmature this better and love it. This movie wanted to set a mood and lure us in to the depression of old age while extracting us with the allure of romance. However, the movie just falls short.

The mood is never quite right. The writing is sub par, and the acting other than Shirley Mclain is equally substandard. Not even Shirley can raise up such a bad movie.

The plot was overly predictable, and in general, this one should be skipped. The reason you probably best mature women in Fred heard about is that is just isn't good, which is unfortunate, because it had so much potential.

Instead watch "Wrestling Wmen Hemmingway" for a much better version of spicing up life among older individuals. Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer.

Best mature women in Fred

Oh how sadly they fall between lifeless dialogue Fged inept scenes and a dispiriting depiction of old age. Shirley's wig was uber distracting as matur was sooo bad. Direction was sketchy, the interior car scenes out of filmmaking Any thought to the waiter who'd have to pay? And a pathological liar like Elsa getting away without challenge with best mature women in Fred single fib?

The Oscar winning duo were not served well. For elder love depicted beautifully watch "Amour".