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Since the publication of The Divine Comedy in the s, the first major literary italina written in Italian, the Italian language has had a reputation heautiful being singularly beautiful. When referring to a single beautiful male cat, you say bello gattowhereas when referring to a beautiful man in italian female cat, you say bella gatta.

When addressing beautiful man in italian woman and wishing to compliment her on her beauty in Italian, say, Sei molta bella! Singles events london greeting a beautiful person, say Ciao bella!

When exulting over a beautiful day, say Che bella giarnata! In languages other than English, this is sometimes expressed by adding a suffix to the end of the word.

Drop the final vowel in the stem and add the suffix -issima or issimo. For example, if you want to say your cat is the most beautiful, you would say bellissima gatta or bellissimo gatto.

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