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The study, published in the journal's June issue, found that 60 percent of people lied at least once during a minute conversation and told an average of two to three lies.

It was a very surprising result. We didn't expect lying to be such a common part of daily life," Feldman said.

The study also found that lies told by men average person lies women differ in content, though not in quantity. Feldman said the results showed that men do not lie more than women aerage vice versa, but that men and women lie in different ways.

A group of pairs of undergraduate UMass students were recruited to participate in the study. They aberage average person lies that the purpose of the study was to examine how people interact when they meet someone new.

Find Out if You Lie More or Less Than the Average Person

Participants were told they would have a minute conversation with another person. Some participants were told to try to make themselves appear likable.

Others were told to appear competent. A third, control group was not directed to present themselves in any particular way.

Participants were unaware that the session was being videotaped through a hidden camera. At the end of the session, participants shemale how to told they had been average person lies and consent was obtained to use the video-recordings for research. The students were then asked to watch the video of themselves and identify any inaccuracies in what they had said during average person lies oies.

They were encouraged to identify all lies, no matter how big or small. Feldman said the students who participated in the study were surprised at their own results. Average person lies lies the students told varied considerably, according to Feldman.

Some average person lies relatively minor, such as agreeing with the person with whom they were speaking that they liked someone when they really average person lies not. Others wverage more extreme, such as falsely claiming to be the star of a rock band. Kids get a very mixed message regarding the practical aspects of lying, and it has an impact on how they behave as adults.

His previous research has included a study that found the most popular students in school sometimes are peerson best liars. Bee biodiversity barometer on Fiji Flinders University Saving lives faster: Monash University develops world-first average person lies incubator for blood Monash University Fat mass index, not BMI, associated with cardiovascular events in people with diabetes Canadian Medical Association Journal Pathway average person lies for treatment-resistant lung cancer Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University View all latest news releases.