The Scents of Spring with #FebrezeSpring

Posted April 15, 2014 By dealinanddishin

As a member of SheSpeaks I received the opportunity to review share about my experiences with Febreze in exchange for my honest opinion I received products to try and compensation.FebrezeSpring

This has been the longest winter!! Even as I type this we have had another cold snap with Freeze Warnings for our area tonight.

I’m craving Spring! I love flowers! The ones in Spring are my favorites, in particular the Hyacinths and Daffodils. They are beautiful, colorful, and smell wonderful. After the dreary brown of dead grass and leaves the color is so very welcome. What is your favorite part of Spring?

When I can’t have the color of Springs I will settle for the scents! That’s where Febreze comes in with their Febreze Spring Collection.

There is Rain, Nectar, and Wildflower. I also received Sweet Pea! They offer their scents in the wax melts, air freshener, car vents fresheners, stand alone air fresheners, scented oil fresheners, and fabric refreshers. You can see all the products at Walmart!

This is not the first limited edition scents that Febreze has come out with. They had a great line in the Winter as well, with a cranberry I loved! Keep up to date with Febreze and their new scents and products on Facebook and Twitter.

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Easter Ideas for the Family

Posted April 14, 2014 By dealinanddishin

EasterFunI always have these great big plans (in my head) for each holiday, and every time it seems to sneak up on me! I end up spending all this time searching for ideas that I don’t have much left for the actually doing part. I thought why not put some of the things I have done over the years for Easter in one spot for you to check out.

This year my BIG surprise for Easter for the kids was the Disney Infinity game! Target had it for $39.99 last week, which was a great deal. I bought it and hid in the storage ottoman in the living room. I was busy and forgot to move it to a more secure place. Mind you the kids never open these ottomans (usually too much piled on top). Well this day I went out to get clothes off the line, and you guessed it, the Girl opened it and got her brother to see what was in there! They still are excited about it, but I lost the whole surprise part.

Anyway to what you are actually here for…Easter Ideas for the Family!







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#40Days Challenge Update-Day 22

Posted March 29, 2014 By dealinanddishin

(affiliate links, but all honest views)
I’m finally back to posting my updates on Saturdays.

This is Day 22 of my 40 Days Challenge of exercising for at least 30 minutes every day.

This was Spring Break week with the kids. The week did not go as planned. The weather was crappy, had vet appointments, plumber visits, and general annoyances throughout the week. I still exercise every day!

I mixed it up a bit this week. I used the stationary bike, Walk at Home Walk Away Your Waistline, Your Shape for Xbox 360, and Tae Bo Amped.

My eating was decent. I had a very over do (like 3 months over do) night out with a friend. I was pretty good and had 1 1/2 Sex on the Beach (here’s my own recipe for it) and some fried food, but not a whole lot.

Last week’s update is here.
This Week’s Weight was 163 lbs. (+ .6 lbs.)

A little disappointed, but after losing 4 weeks in a row it happens. Hopefully next week is better. I have to admit I’m pretty tired! The body is tired, and did not sleep great this week. We have the new kitties (read about our addition), and the kitten is a handful. Plus a nice storm the one night as well.

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How to Make a Recycled Notebook

Posted March 25, 2014 By dealinanddishin

I print a lot of things: coupons, newsletters for school, pictures for The Girl to color, things for Scouts, etc. When I’m done with it I have a stack of paper that I keep either for table covering during art projects, or I put it in the recycling can. Anything important gets shredded or filed put in a pile for later.

I have a sewing project in my head to make a travel doodle book for The Girl. I needed to figure out the paper to use for it. If it turns out good (fingers crossed!) it’ll be a part of my first craft show (Got about 7 months to prepare). I would hate to make something, and then you can’t ever refill it. Sure you can order anything online, but not everyone wants to do that.

The Hubs mentioned using scrap paper. I dismissed him (He’ll nod his head to this) briefly. After more thought that would be a great idea! As a frugal Mom myself this is something I should be doing already. Now I was on a mission to figure out how to make a recycled notebook as easily as possible.

Binding the notebook seemed like a daunting task at first. Looked online and saw mentions of glues and padding compound..who knew? Not me. If I was making this for me or a gift I might try that, but I’m making this for a 5 year old who flies through paper! I need fast and cheap! This could also be a good kid craft as well.

How to make a recycled notebook

Time: 10 minutes
Cost: Free
Difficulty: Easy

What do you need?

Scrap paper
Cutting device (roto, scissors, etc.)
Ruler (if you are using scissors)
hole punch
pipe cleaner (ribbon, yarn, whatever you have)

If you use regular printer type paper it is easy to just cut it in half horizontally then you can trim the length how you chose. I like a 5×8 sized notebook like the small Steno ones you buy at Sam’s Club etc.

I like a cardboard backing. I originally made these to put in a fabric notebook/marker holder I was sewing. The cardboard would slide into the fabric pocket.Cardboard

Start with your cardboard back first to get your size determined.  Any light cardboard works. I always kept the cardboard inserts from my Fancy Feast boxes, but Poptart, cereal, fruit snacks, or any cardboard packaging should work. I did not use corrugated cardboard. It would be too thick for trying to put in the holder plus hole punching.

I drew a line about 1/4 inch down from the top. Pretty much you want enough room for the hole punch at top.

An 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper cut in half will give you two 5.5 x 8.5 pieces of paper. Just trim off the extra to easily get the 5×8 size, or leave it as is. Just use the cardboard to trace your paper for sizing.

Once you get enough paper cut and the card board cut to a matching size hole punch the top short edge of each piece (paper can be stacked to punch multiple pieces at a time).

Stack the paper and cardboard with holes matched up. Now get that pipe cleaner and “sew” it through the holes. Like I said this is an easy project a kid to do. Cut off excess and fold up the loose ends so that sharp points are tucked away. Or use yarn or ribbon!PipeCleaner

Here you got a notebook made out things you have right at home!

Here it is in the Busy Book I made (perfect for packing along on outings)

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Adding to our Furry Family through Pet Adoption

Posted March 23, 2014 By dealinanddishin

A few days before Christmas our 16 year old cat, Gabby’s health deterioted to the point that we had to make the heart breaking decision to have him put to sleep.  After consulting the vet it was the only choice as he was doing so poorly, losing weight (even been fed 6 times a day), and miserable.gabby1

We have another cat, Princess, that we adopted from a shelter event at Petsmart almost 3 years ago. She is 5 years old now and quite the diva!Princessface

We did not want to adopt another cat right away. An animal is not a thing that breaks and you just go run and replace (in my opinion). I wanted to find the right fit for our family.

I started looking this past week at Petfinder since the shelters around here use them. I got to where there were two I was very torn between. There was the 6 month old orange and white female long haired named Popcorn. The other one was 3 year old female long haired named Felicia. We have never had more than two cats at a time, but I was so torn. The hubs gave the go ahead for whatever I wanted to do…woohoo!

We went to Warrick County Humane Society and met with Felicia. She was sweet and super mellow. That was perfect, and she came home with us.

I had put a call into the Spencer County Humane Society about Popcorn. Well, that day they called me back and said they had just taken her to Petsmart the day I left the message. So instead of her being a 40 minute drive away she was now 10..had to go meet her.Popcorn

We ended up adopting both of these cats that day. Princess was not necessarily thrilled, but other than some growling and hissing it’s been calm. Felicia has now been named, Sweetie Darling, for her personality and disposition is adjusting wonderfully. She is a lovey lap cat!

Popcorn has had the hardest time. She has never really lived in a home it seems, and I know for sure last two months in a cage at Humane Society. The openness of a house really scared her at first. She hid the first two days under the basement stairs or under the couch. Last night she was actually out and let me pet her. Well that was it and she came upstairs, had treats with the others, played with toys, and even today visited with my parents when they came. She is doing great!grouptreats

Not to make this a public service announcement, but please consider shelters for pets! Some of the sweetest, most beautiful animals are there. If you can’t adopt they have lists of items they can use: cleaning supplies, paper, towels, etc. Also you can sponsor animals to help with their costs.

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#40Days Challenge Update-Day 16

Posted March 22, 2014 By dealinanddishin

I am trying to get to a weekly update on these, but got off schedule for the last one so it’s a double update week!

I last wrote on March 17 about how the 40 Days Challenge was going. Other than one day down with the flu I had stayed on track.
Now we are on Day 16.

This week I ended up biking an extra 30 minutes on Monday to make up for that day I missed. I continued on the rest of the week doing 30  minutes each day of planned exercise. I don’t count house cleaning or yard work (which I did some of both).

March 22, 2014 weight was 162.4 (-1.2 lbs.)

I am at 8 pounds lost in the last month (February 22-March 22)

You can read about why I chose this here, and my first update, here.

How is your 40 Days Challenge going?  It is approaching the halfway point. Are you losing steam or going strong?

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Bunny Face Cookies

Posted March 21, 2014 By dealinanddishin

This week my daughter was Student of the Week for Kindergarten. It is a fun week where she gets to bring in photos, show and tell, and just share about herself. The last day of the week I could come in with a craft, snack, or story to share with the class. It is Spring Break now so I thought bunny face cookies would be very cute and fun.

 I was inspired by this Bunny Face Cookie  from UNL Food that was more fruit focused.  I ended up doing this craft snack with the class of 20 (4 were not there).  The rule at school is all items have to be packaged.  That made things a little tricky, and a long trip to the grocery store to see what I could do.



Sugar Cookies
Twizzler Pull and Peel
Chocolate Chips
Canned Icing
Vanilla Wafer Cookies
Large and Small Paper plates

I put a Sugar Cookie and 2 Vanilla Wafers on each large plate (I counted wrong, but since some kids were not there I had just enough!). The sugar cookie was the face, and the wafers were the ears.

The small plate I put a spoonful of chocolate chips, about a fourth of Pull and Peel Twizzler, and a spoonful of icing.icing

The kids then decorated their faces however they liked. Some thought outside of the box and stood the ears up. My daughter iced her ears to make them white like her face.Bunnycookies
The craft was hit! If you don’t want to use candy then use pretzel sticks. There are lots of options to make these.

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DIY Seed Starting Trays

Posted March 20, 2014 By dealinanddishin

It is March 17 (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!) as I type this with a dusting of snow on the ground and it is brisk 30 degrees out. This is not what we had last March here in Indiana. I had my garden planted and just waiting for stuff to grow. Sadly it was not a good garden last year, so a little replanning will have to take place this year.

My first garden did wonderful, and I still have zucchini shredded in my freezer. That year I bought seed starting trays from Wal-Mart. They were nice, and have a clean lid to help keep heat in, but not very deep. I think they had the soil pellets, and I didn’t care for those. The netting had to be cut and ripped when I went to plant in the garden. The netting was too sturdy, and the roots need freedom.

So I want to try to make my own seed trays with things I can find at home. It will be very economical to use your own tray and just a basic bag of potting soil.

I have seen a couple easy ideas online that you would have already at home.

The Egg Carton

The cardboard egg cartons would be perfect little seed starters. Just add soil and seeds then water.

See an example at The Sprouting Seed.

The Egg

This is one I am very curious about. My Grandma always had a bunch of egg shells in the garage. I cannot remember which plant she used them for, but had to be her flowers that were all over the place. The shells have calcium and other nutrients back to the soil.

You can put them in the egg carton for easy storage, fill with soil and seeds. When planting just crack your egg shell so the plant can grow freely.

See an example here at P. Allen Smith Garden Home.

Around the Home

I procrastinated in disposing of our Lego Advent Calendars. I wanted to recycle them, and when I took them apart I found these awesome trays. My first thought was drawer organizing, but now that Spring is finally, slowly trying to make its presence known I am thinking garden. These are perfect seed starting size. Just need to poke or drill drainage holes in them.


(post contains affiliate links)

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#40Days Challenge Update

Posted March 17, 2014 By dealinanddishin

My 40 Days challenge was to exercise for 30 minutes every day.

Here we are on Day 11 (remember the Sundays are not counted).

I have exercised every single day for at least 30 minutes except Saturday, March 8. That day I had stomach flu and 102 fever. I have exercised every Sunday as well.

I plan to make up that 30 minutes though..just working on getting back some of the endurance.

I am getting back to eating properly. The flu threw me off for about a week, and I ate very little that week. Now I am back to my wraps, yogurt, salads, and general portion control.

I weighed in every Saturday using Lose It to track my progress.

March 1, 2014 Weight 168.4 lbs.
March 8, 2014 Weight 165.4 lbs. (-3 lbs.)
March 15, 2014 Weight 163.6 lbs. (-1.8 lbs.)

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#40Days, a time to change

Posted March 4, 2014 By dealinanddishin

Tomorrow is the start of Lent. Growing up Catholic, Lent was always about giving up something. One year my Mom and I gave up candy. Now we also had a loop hole, because Lent is 40 days only if you exclude the Sundays. I don’t know if this is a rule, but at home it was said that you could have what you had given up on that day. Maybe this is why I like to have my day of bad eating (Cheat Day..well weekend of bad eating if we are having full disclosure here)when I’m watching my calories.

Another approach to Lent is instead of giving up something to try to do should be doing but aren’t. Instead of giving up chocolate exercise each day, or do a good deed each day, get your home organized, etc.

One would say giving up helps you to understand (in a very minor way) the sacrifice Jesus made. All people have a hard time giving up what they like. The other approach to me is just as applicable since you are trying to better yourself whether your physical, mental, or emotional well being and in the end be a better person. Either are a challenge, since we all have “reasons” why we can or can’t do something.

I am choosing to get my fitness on track this Lent, and hopefully keep this with me. This Lent I will be exercising everyday for at least 30 minutes a day. I will keep eating properly with occasional cheats, but no weeklong eating all the crap I can stuff in my mouth.

Why exercise?
I have been slacking badly in my fitness and diet, which makes me feel bad about myself, be anxious, and in general not a very nice person. I let life get to me this Fall and Winter (neverending Winter). Once the fitness slacks off everything follows. I don’t care to look nice, take care of myself, do anything I should, etc. I am not going to be the best mom and wife or daughter or friend that way. So I have started last week trying to getting going with my workouts again and get through all the soreness, uncoordination, and out of breath moments and get ready to go for this challenge. No, I won’t be taking the Sundays off!

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