Army of Darkness (1992, Rated R)

Army of Darkness

is cult classic and the third part of the Evil Dead trilogy. If you don’t like horror movies, don’t worry

Army of Darkness

is not scary like Evil Dead.  Truth be told Evil Dead watching it now is not as scary as when I was in high school.

Army of Darkness has our favorite hero/asshole, Ash (Bruce Campbell) still working at Smart in Housewares. He has moved on from the horrors that he saw and lived through thanks to reading the Necronomicon. Evil is not done with Ash, and he ends up being sucked into some kind of worm hole transporting him to medieval times.

Surprisingly Ash lands in trouble right away, but thanks to his beloved “Boomstick” he gets out of this situation. He ends up being praised as a hero and chosen one according to a prophecy.

I hate to give away too much, but the movie is full of slap stick, great one liners, and the Necronomicon!

If you enjoy Army of Darkness watch Ash Vs. Evil Dead on Starz! Even many years later trouble still follows Ash.

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