This week’s Binge Worthy TV post is on the US version of Shameless on Showtime (coming back for season 8 in November). I will say it took me a couple tries to get into the show, but once I did I watch all seven seasons on Netflix (or Showtime On Demand with Sling) in about a month! If you have any issues with language, nudity, drug use, sex, or general bad behavior this is not the show for you.  That makes it looks like it is some kind of filthy depraved show, when really the heart of the show is about family. Family are those related by blood or by fate, who stand by you when the shit hits the fan and the cops are on the way.

What’s It About?

The Gallagher family is full of faults thanks to the lack of parenting/support of their drunk/addict dad Frank and their no show/bipolar/addict mom. They have struggled to stay together and get by financially.  The oldest sister, Fiona, has given up a lot of her freedom to take care of this bunch and keep some kind of order and stability.

Throughout the seasons you see each of these characters struggle and screw up (sometimes SO badly), and other times seem to succeed and make strides towards an easier life. There is no simple happy ending in this show. That is not reality (I know this show is fiction), but in real life nothing happens overnight. Sometimes the moment you think you are getting your shit together something happens to throw you back to the start again.

What’s It Got?

Shameless has humor, drama, insanity, sex, drugs, alcohol, family, and friends. Not always all at once, but definitely more than one at a time.

Who’s In It?

William H. Macy as our “patriarch” Frank Gallagher. I mainly recognize him from Jurassic Park III, which I know may not be what he wants to be recognized from.

Steve Howey, who is Kevin Ball, probably the nicest guy we ever met on Shameless. I remember him from his role on Reba as Van.

Joan Cusack, as agoraphobic, germ phobic, and sex toy crazed homemaker Shelia Jackson (mother of Karen). I loved her!! She’s been in a ton, but I remember her as the girl in the neck brace in Sixteen Candles.

Binge Worthy TV?

Yes yes yes! It is an addictive show as well! You can have a great couch binge fest with the 7 seasons available for streaming! You should have plenty of time to finish before season 8 starts in November!

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