Friedman Park is a multimillion dollar park that was recently finished in Newburgh, IN. The park can be tricky for first time visitors, and I will try to provide very detailed directions for you.

Where Is It?

This has been the biggest question. The park is so new it is difficult to find a map. The basic answer is that it’s off Oak Grove Road at 2700 Park Blvd., Newburgh, IN 47630. Driving here you do feel like you’ve gone too far. It has a little of an out in the middle of nowhere vibe. However, with all the housing construction by Jagoe it will lose some of that soon enough.

How Do I Get There?


From Highway 261..Take Oak Grove (East). You will cross Anderson Road(stop sign). Next you will have an S curve, then pass a new subdivision on the left called Berkshire (Croydon Road), and the next left is where you will turn (Park Boulevard). There is the tiniest sign on the right hand side pointing to the left. You get a larger sign right before you get to the parking lot.

What’s It Like?

It is a really lovely park. There are many paths to walk, run, or bike on. Some paths are still being constructed to connect to other trails. There is a small playground for younger children, an amphitheater, and two pavilions. There are also two bathrooms, one of those is located near the playground.

Park Map


View from newer trail

Trail Pic

Final Thoughts

The park is a nice option for walking.  There is a lot of potential for events here, reunions, concerts, parties, festivals, etc. There are more hills so it does have some added difficulty. Downside was my last visit of being swarmed by mosquitos. That was the first time I had that issue there, but it was really bad. My daughter has more issue with the bites than me, and having experienced that I doubt I will go back until Fall when those bugs die or the area gets treated.

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