So, we had an antenna, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu already, but we (I should say I) needed something for premium channels.

We decided to give SlingTV a try. If we paid for 3 months in advance we could get the Roku 3 for half price (deal still available for new account). This sounded like a good way to try it out. We also bought a Roku Streaming Stick at Target as well to see how our Wifi would do.

We stayed with Sling for bit, and then ended up switching to PlayStation VUE (until they decided to increase prices without any benefit to us).

We will start with our original experience, and why we left. Then we talk about why we went back and what has changed.

What we liked:

Sling let’s us watch shows on networks we can’t get with our antenna. Shows are usually available for some time after their original airing as well. At $20 a month even with all our streaming we still are saving versus cable.

With the Best of Live TV you get this network.

Suggestions for improvement:

We can only watch on one device at a time unlike Netflix and Hulu. Whoever logs into Sling last wins! I asked about adding other devices, but you would have to get another subscription. That would be $40 a month, and not worth it. I would pay an extra $5/mo. for multiple devices. I am also unsure how you could do multiple accounts at one house anyway. Hopefully this will be something they add on later.

It can be buggy. I had a show (Alone on History Channel) that would continuously die at the same spot. Customer Service tried to offer many suggestions for fixing it on my end, and finally checked the show themselves and saw the issue. However then the whole show was taken I had to Google to find out the winner.

Sometimes shows leave unexpectedly from the “Available Now” section. I wish there was a warning to how long before it would be removed. Then I could make sure I watched all I wanted.

Why Did We Leave?

The multiple streams at once was a deal breaker. We found PlayStation VUE would allow you do 5 (I believe) at a time, plus they had Syfy!! I wanted Syfy channel so bad at the time. We ended up switching.

Why Did We Come Back?

PlayStation VUE was nice, but then they decided to increase their fees. I don’t mind when fees change, and they are adding channels and the opposite was happening. I also hate their website, and trying to navigate it!

What’s Changed?

Sling now had a single streaming option called, Orange at $20/month.

There was also a Blue one that allowed three streams at $25/month,  and if you wanted four streams you can subscribe to both at a $5 a month discount.

I also liked all the Add-Ons options.

We opted for the Cloud DVR, Showtime (at least until Twin Peaks is over), Starz (I love Ash Vs. Evil Dead), and the 4 Extras Deal. We are paying $59/month. It is a great deal to get all the channels we have plus two premium ones. We prepaid for two months and got a Roku Express for free.

How Is It The Second Time Around?
So far it is going good. It still has some errors when streaming. It will error out, and then we have to wait and try again later. There is the same issue of episodes being available on demand one day and gone the next. I wish there was a warning.

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