Claws airs on TNT, Sundays 9/8 CST.  As I write this post I have watched all the episodes available up to the season finale. It took a little finagling, because this is not a kid friendly show. We do not have cable, but I am watching through Sling TV. I will not give away any details to ruin the show for anyone who needs to catch up!

What’s It About?

Desna runs a nail salon with her crew of ladies. These are friends she would do anything for and the feeling is returned. They all have their demons and issues they’re dealing with and trying to get better lives. Desna dreams of getting a new salon, making more money to help support her special needs brother, Dean, and get out of the money laundrying business.
She is under the thumb of Uncle Daddy, who is a batshit crazy, dangerous man. He runs clinics that hand out OxyContin like pez, and she cleans this money and keep the clinic running smooth (as smooth as a place full of drug addicts can be).

What’s It Got?

Humor, violence, language, sex, and love. It is a crazy combo, but it works!

Who’s In It?

Neicy Nash is the star of Claws as Desna. I first remember her on Clean House and Reno 911 (need to go back and watch those) I love her! She is funny, and she is badass!

Dean Norris plays Uncle Daddy. I know him as the baddie Big Jim from Under the Dome (I never did finish that show, but the book is good!). I completely forgot he was in Breaking Bad! I definitely have to write about that one soon!

Judy Reyes is Quiet Ann, and probably my favorite of the ladies! She will literally go to bat for a friend! I did a doubletake on her to figure out where I had seen her before..Scrubs! She was Carla, before the show went stupid with interns.

Carrie Preston plays the sweet scammer Polly. I remember her definitely from True Blood as Sookie’s friend, Arlene!


Binge Worthy TV?


Definitely it binge worthy, and with the finale less than a week away better get on it. I have read it is already renewed for a second season..yay! This show has a slow build up to the drama and crazy, and you want to keep watching to see what will happen to our favorite ladies of the Nail Artisan of Manatee County salon.

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