Last week I talked about the Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill I got in preparation for this post about the Primula Burke Cold Brew Maker. “Maker” sounds a bit over the top…it isn’t a machine or appliance, but a clever all in one pitcher/cold coffee brewer. I found this at Target for $19.99 (It is $10 more if you buy it from the manufacturer.). You can learn about other products at the Primula website.

I have talked about my love of Cold Brew before, my experiences with the Toddy system, and multiple pics on Instagram after walks enjoying my post workout cold brew!

Why did I get another cold brew maker? Space was the main reason. The refrigerator died, and with the new one I have serious limitations on taller items. The Toddy is tall, kind of wide, and a bit time consuming. You can read how it works here.

The Burke is a pitcher with an insert to hold the grounds. Once they ave steeped you take that bit out, and you are good to go! The pitcher is smaller (similar to my half gallons of milk), has a handle, and with less parts is easier to store.

How do you make cold brew?

You put the reusable coffee filter in the lid, and add coffee grounds. You will need about 17 Tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee.

Add water. It says to pour 2 cups slowly over the grounds to get them saturated, and then add the rest of your water. It will hold around 40 ounces (5 cups).  Put the lid insert back on. It will lock where the triangle and diamond meet.

Wait around 24 hours to let the coffee steep fully.
Remove filter, drain off excess coffee, and dispose of the grounds. Enjoy cold brew however you like. I take mine black with lots of ice.


I found it lasts about 4 days for me. I drink about a tumbler a day..guessing 16 ounces but probably less.

Water adding can be a bit tedious pouring all of it over the grounds. The last batch I made I added a cup or so of water into the pitcher to begin with. I did the rest the same, and have not noticed any difference with the taste.

Finding coffee beans I noticed is a little tougher than I expected. I have seen a good price at GFS, but little to no selection. I am currently waiting for my first order from Coffee Bean Direct. They had a chocolate coffee bean (flavored or whatever..not dipped), and if I got 5 lbs it ended up being $8/lb. and an additional $5 off a $30 order when I signed up for the newsletter.

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