I love coffee!! It is my must have first thing in the morning, and mid afternoon. This is what keeps me going.Sadly, brewed coffee can start to disagree with my stomach. I found after going to the local coffee shop that Cold Brew was a great alternative. I started to make my own (briefly), and now have a new maker so I’m back at it (post coming soon).

The hardest part about cold brew was the coffee grounds. You need a coarse ground (French Press), and that is not something I find in stores. Local coffee shops may grind beans you buy there for you, but everything is trial and error. There is also the risk of losing freshness from having the beans ground too long. The barista recommended this Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill.  A burr mill doesn’t use blades, and that gives you a more uniform grind.  I am not a coffee expert by any means. Here is some more info on burr mills. This was not a top of the line, which as a home user (and new one) I didn’t need or want. I was able to find it at my local Target for I believe $40-45, but now see it listed at $34.99!


For the most part I like this grinder, and it is doing the job. I wanted to share what I was using, and what I liked and didn’t like since it will be talked about again on my cold brew post.


Few Parts

You have the bean holder with lid, and the container with lid and spoon for the grounds. That’s it! There aren’t loose pieces in drawers to look for, and I like that a lot. The spoon that sits in the lid  on the grounds container has a brush at one end to help clean up as well.

Easy To Use

Pour beans in, turn the bean hopper to the desired ground, set how much coffee you want and press Start.


Especially now at under $40..it is a great price. A quick search shows me a range of $50-100 for other burr grinders.


I like that I can use this for grinding coffee for cold brew, regular brew, and espresso (that’s a whole new gadget I have to work on more.)



I would describe the noise like a blender, and for a cup of coffee that isn’t bad. It doesn’t get a bit overwhelming when doing a batch of coffee for my cold brew (16 Tbsp). It has a bit of high pitch at times, but luckily it is pretty fast so I don’t have to deal with it long. The cats don’t even seem phased by it anymore.

Bean Removal

I learned the hard way..don’t unscrew the top and lift it up! The beans all pour out the bottom. If you would want to switch beans you will have to take off the top and dump them out. I don’t know if there is a way that could be fixed, but it was something I didn’t like.

Bottom line is I like this coffee burr mill, and for the price it is turning to be a good value and useful item in my kitchen.

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