Looks like the last post I did was October 2016…Wow!!! I’ve “written” many posts in my head, and even this one I have run through my head multiple times. Once I get out of the writing habit, lose my creative mojo, or whatever you call it I have the hardest time just sitting down and doing it!!

Well…let’s get some stuff out. There has been a ton going on in the past, more coming up, plus changes!




This part I will talk about briefly, and will probably never write about again. In December my  Dad had to have triple bypass (couple days before Christmas). Surery went great especially for an 82 year old. However recovery did not go well…there were a lot of set backs and struggles. He finally was able to go to a rehab facility, which was a relief that he would start to improve and get to go home. That was not the case and not even 24 hours later I was called to get to the hospital and he passed away that evening.  That’s about all I can write about that. We talk about him a lot and think about him daily, but I can’t think/talk much about the hospital and his death.

So, after that stuff started to click a bit. Life is fucking short!! We can control how happy we are in that life.  That led me to stepping down as a Girl Scout troop leader. I love the girls and being with them, but can’t take all the other bullshit that goes with it. I will go back to helping, doing crafts, etc. I don’t believe in giving up, however I have been either a den leader for 5 years and then while doing that started being a troop leader and have been at that for 4 years. My son will be going to high school, and I want to focus on my kids. I just want to be a parent. My house has gone to shit trying to get them where they need, plan meetings, get supplies, help at school, etc. and now with an added sport and husband going to school I want to focus on family and what makes me happy! Life is too short to do things that make you miserable! It isn’t really my Dad’s death that has triggered that but his life. He was a persistent worrier, and I wish he would’ve enjoyed life more. I find myself being like that and want to stop that now.

I’m still on my healthy journey. I have been tracking my food for over a year now (no matter what), and exercising regularly. I am keeping the 30 lbs. I lost off other than a 5 lb. gain and loss here and there..vacations and holidays! I did my first Half Marathon a month after I turned 41. I’m proud of myself…it was terrifying for me, but I did it. I had a great friend who pushed my ass, and I needed that!! I’m working on the house. We are paying down debt and saving money to redo our kitchen (I so hope this year..been waiting 14 years!!)

The kids are doing good! My son is going to be an 8th grader this year..holy shit! That mean high school next year and marching band and all that…yikes!! He is still in band (trombone), and has been on the archery team. My daughter is going into to 4th grade, and has discovered she loves softball. She played 8U this Spring and they won the tournament, and she’s signed up for Fall Ball.
The Hubs and I will be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary in September. He’s getting ready to start graduate school for his MBA. Everyone in the house will start school in August…except ME!! I still have nightmares about college and having not been at class for weeks so I’m more than happy to not be going back!
Kids Collage



No more affiliate links, sponsored posts, reviews for products or money. The blog is going to be purely what I want to write about. I will write reviews for things I have tried, but not because I was asked. I will share things I bought I liked or didn’t, but those links won’t earn money. Sure, I’d love to be paid for my thoughts and opinions but until someone approaches me with some kind of offer to make me the next Martha Stewart or Pioneer Woman, but I’m not going to actively seek any of that.

It will take time to get all links removed, but I have been closing all affiliate accounts I come across. Heads up there will be links on old posts..going to be a long process cleaning that up! From here on out any links are straight to a website…no commissions etc.

Seriously, this site has never paid for itself. I have gotten some tickets to events, but when those are out of town and I pay gas to drive hours and hotel I didn’t make anything. Then you have to deal with taxes, and all that bullshit. Plus, word things were you don’t offend, and use proper terms. Screw it…I’d rather be me!

I have a second site (Tales of a TV Addict), because I was a moron and thought “Sure, I can do that!”. I’ve got to learn to shut my brain up better. Anyway that second site is about my love of TV, our journey to being Cable Free, and all that. Those posts will be moving over here. That is all a part of me and will be on this blog now as well.

Whew…I think that’s all! I believe I covered everything I wanted. Gotta throw some pics in this…geez I was wordy today.

To hold myself accountable I need a goal, so let’s say one post a week! I should be able to manage that..I’ve been playing with more kitchen gadgets, crafts, recipes, DIY projects etc. that I want to share.

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