Disclaimer: I am not a techy person. I can use electronics, but setting them up, trouble shooting, installing them, or running cables I do not do. The Hubs handles all the tech set up stuff around here.
Any links to products are purely to help you see what I bought, and options. There are NO affiliate links!

Breaking Up With Cable is becoming a series of posts. I will be sharing tips, progress, and updates on how it works out for us!

Super excited the antenna arrived today. Of course we used our Amazon Prime 2-day shipping…I plan to get my money’s worth out of it.

I really had no idea what brand to get.  My first response is to search on Amazon and read reviews.  I was torn between two different ones.

Choice 1
AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna – 35 Mile Range for $24.99 (normally $35.99) I did my research to determine how many miles we needed, but chose to go for a little bit longer range just to be safe. The next model down was 25 miles and was $17.99.
This exact one is no longer available, but there is another Amazon Basics for $15.99.

Choice 2
Mohu Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna – 30 Mile  for $39.99 (normally $49.99). This is the shortest ranged one available.  I looked at this brand, because I read in reviews that the AmazonBasics was basically the same thing (a generic I guess you’d say). The Mohu had quite a few more reviews, but the average was still the same.
This one or one basically the same is still available for $38.53.

We picked the AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna – 35 Mile Range. This one seemed like it would do what we wanted, and at a much better price. I was also keeping in mind with multiple TV’s we would need at least two of these.

Today it arrived in a pretty big  but very light box.  We also ordered some more Ethernet cable for when the Hubs has to wire our upstairs TV and Blu ray player.

I will say the antenna was bigger than I expected, but it is paper thin. It is flexible plastic kind of like those roll up kitchen cutting sheets. One side of the antenna is white and the other black. You can pick which side to show. The listing says it can be painted, but I am not messing with that.

I wasn’t sure where I wanted to put the antenna so I just laid it on the TV stand behind the TV.  Once we figure out the best spot then we will attach it to the wall.  It comes with a couple pieces of Command stick strips for mounting it to a wall.

1. Screw the antenna cable onto the coax input on the TV.
2. Switch TV Input to TV (it has Cable, Xbox, etc.) and then scan for channels. I messed up there and had “Cable” selected instead of “Antenna”. It scanned and found 14 channels. Some of these don’t seem to be airing anymore, but the ones I wanted were all there.

A couple channels were cutting in and out a bit, but we saw if we just raise up the antenna a couple feet they were clear.

It may be a bit of an eye sore depending on your wall color. My walls are a dark red, but I think the black will look okay even with the white cable. I hope we can hang it not too high above the TV.  The other idea I saw while reading questions about the antenna on Amazon was to hang a picture over it…that’s a thought! I don’t know how it would effect the signal, but I may give it a shot. ( I never did try that tips!)

Update: We did not know where to start with getting our local OTA (Over the Air) channels. Growing up we had a tower that was taller than our house plus a motor on it to get shows. We really didn’t want to do an outside antenna on the house. We would not be able to install it, and where it would have to be installed we get a lot of wind. It was an option we wanted to avoid completely.

This was our first stage of indoor antennas. This really was a test to see what we could get, and a temporary solution until we could figure out what we wanted to do. They are fairly inexpensive, especially now I see when looking them up.  We have let friends borrow them to see if they want to join the Cord Cutting Club with us. I ended up keeping one in the basement for a small TV down there. I was impressed it could get some stations, and could be nice during storms.


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