What’s so different about Dexter?
It’s a Crime Drama show, but we know who did it! However that person is also  the “hero” of the show is a serial killer, who wraps his victims in plastic wrap, stabs, chops, and dumps them in the ocean. He is not just a serial killer. He works as a blood spatter specialist for the Miami Dade Police Department. This just didn’t make sense, but give it a chance!

Why do I watch?
I was completely opposed to watching Dexter for about 3 seasons. I couldn’t wrap my brain around the serial killer being the kinda “good guy”. I finally took the plunge and watched an episode, and that’s all it took!

Dexter is evil, right?
I don’t know! It’s such a complicated story. Dexter (about age 3) was present when his mother was brutally urdered in a storage container. He was trapped in the storage container for two days with her dead body until the police found him. One of the officier’s Harry Morgan adopted him, and noticed Dexter’s tendency for psychotic behavior. He taught Dexter a “Code” to follow to prevent him from hurting innocent people (or animals). If he was going to kill somebody it might as well be a criminal, who escaped punishment and planned to continue their crime (usually murderers).
So, Dexter is Batman-like being a vigilante, but he has this need (his Dark Passenger) to kill. The need is always there, but luckily a “Code” is very important to him. He “sees” his Dad, Harry, when he’s having some issues with morality (P.S. Harry’s dead).
Over time we see Dexter change, see his human side, his love of his sister, Deb (also a police officier). You start to like him, feel sorry for him, and understand and sympathize with him. Well, as well as you can understand a serial killer, who keeps slides with blood on them hidden in his Air Conditioner.

But I read the books..
Yes, it is based on a book series by Jeff Lindsay. I started to read the series when I started watching the series. Sure the books are about Dexter, but there are some very big differences. I saw in the first book that the Showtime show was not following it at all. This could be good if you want suprises or bad if you want it to follow the book.  I need to restart the books again . Back when I first wrote this I was trying to find them at the library. Now that we have a Kindle it will be much easier to find the series.

Who is in it?
Dexter is played by Michael C. Hall. You’ll know him from Six Feet Under (I’ll talk about that another time!)

Dexter’s adopted sister is played by Jennifer Carpenter. Weird trivia is that she was married to Michael C. Hall, but are now divorced. I just learned today that she was in the movie, Quarantine.

Dexter’s Dad, Harry is played by James Remar. I remember him on Sex and the City! He was a boyfriend of Samantha’s, and I believe the first male frontal nudity I saw on that show.

Goodbye, Dexter
I will miss you, Dexter! This was a show I never planned to give a moment of my time to, but turned out to be a crazy ride. It had to end. How could it continue with Dexter, murdering people?  You can only keep a secret for so long. He is not the kind of guy that will get a happy ending (but I can always hope so).

I originally wrote this before watching Dexter’s last season. I felt there was some closure at the end, but wasn’t what I had wished for. I would re-watch this series today, and highly recommend it!

Binge Worthy TV?

This show definitely makes my list of Binge Worthy TV!  You can find all 8 seasons streaming on Netflix.  There are endings of episodes that you would hate to have to wait weeks or even days for it to pick back up.

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