Fall is my favorite time of the year. The temperatures have finally gotten to the point I can open the windows and wear my hoodie sweatshirts! Then of course there is Halloween, which is a favorite of mine and my kids, and Thanksgiving after that.

I was needing a craft for Girl Scouts as part of the World of Girls journey. We are going to be talking about Italy next so after some research stained glass and mosaics came up as popular craft ideas. It is October so let’s make Pumpkin Suncatchers that have a stained glass look!

I used Paint to draw my pumpkin, and then Word to get it size and placed on paper. I have two on a sheet to save paper and ink. I printed my on construction paper. Just cut it down to 8.5 x 11 and it worked just fine. Here is that file in .pdf form, pumpkins.pdf

1. Cut out the pumpkins. These are mirrored so afterwards they will match up.

2. See the circle inside the pumpkins? This is you cutting line. Fold the pumpkins in half and cut that oval out.
foldpumpkins centercutout

3. You need 4 pieces of contact paper (just big enough for your pumpkins). Peel off backing, lay sticky side up, and place a pumpkin printed outline side upĀ on it.
contactpaper contactsheet1

4. Tissue Paper. I am giving the girls a choice of colors, some strips and letting them cut their small squares, triangles, or whatever they chose.

5. Stick the paper piece all over all the sticky parts. They can overlap.

6. Glue your second pumpkin outline to the tissue paper covered one, and apply second piece of contact paper (sticky side down).

7. Cut excess contact paper off. If you get all the way up to the outline it should be fine since you have glue the pumpkin pieces together.

8. Hole punch the stem and add yarn to hang it.

Here are the ones my Girl Scouts made last night…how cute!!

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