One of the things I’m loving while Out and About  in Newburgh is checking out all the local shops. You can find items you wouldn’t see at a big box store, find handcrafted items, and items that are for a cause.

I’ve gotten to almost all the shops in the downtown Newburgh area. Let’s start with my favorite new clothing store, Amerie located at 10 W. Jennings St.ameriesign

This is probably my favorite shop to visit for myself. Shop With Purpose is their motto. All the items have a purpose. They are either Fair Trade items, help support charities, and the store itself has monthly charities they donate sales to as well. Read more here!

I have bought multiple shirts and dresses there, and am in love with the Grace and Lace brand.
There is also new stuff coming in plus now an online store. My kids really like the soapstone animals and felted bags.  Since these items come from charity based companies they don’t have a lot of stock. If you see something you like get it quick before it is sold out!
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Here is some of the fabulous things I have found! I have some more items I need to get pictures of. I got a couple of the high-low extenders (it is the ruffle part sticking out in the picture. It is made like a very stretchy slip.  I love that I can now wear a shirt with it like a dress or the shirt alone with leggings.

ButterflyBoxCollageIMG_4114Edited to add pics of the extenders and how they look with the tunics. The tunics can also be worn with leggings and jeans!
BlueCollage2 FloralCollage

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