I love coffee! I love the smell, the taste, and the look. I however was having some trouble drinking more than a cup a day without some stomach upset. I noticed when I would stop at the local coffee shop, Lucid,  the Cold Brew coffee didn’t bother me. It was on accident I even got it in the first place…I was being cautious with my calories and just straight coffee has 0. I really feel no need to add any sugar or anything to it.

While waiting for a cup a few weeks ago I noticed boxes on the shelf with Toddy on them. The guy working there filled me in on how they worked, and at $35 (I’m paying $3.50 a cup as it was) it was worth a shot. I just bought a Toddy system at Lucid yesterday. ToddyBoxCollage

Important: Make sure you use coarsely ground coffee to avoid clogging! Most grocery stores have grinders you can grind your own.

What is Cold Brew?

To put it in my own words it is steeping (think tea bag without the bag) without heat…letting the grounds flavor the water over time (hours and hours). Here is a link that I found helpful about the difference in acid and taste. I really had no idea what it was…I just knew I liked it, but figured you might want a little more than that.

It is pretty straight forward in use:

You have this big plastic container. Put a stopper in the bottom, moistened the filter (looks more like an aquarium style pad filter) and place in the bottom. ToddyColdBrewSystemAdd 1 cup of water, 6 ounces of ground coffee, 3 cups of water…let sit for 5 minutes….add 6 more ounces of ground coffee and 3 more cups of water. Get all the grounds wet, and then let it steep. The directions say on the counter, but in the shop he told me the refrigerator and I’m going with that.


Wait………….12-24 Hours

Then you will get the glass carafe, remove the stopper and let it drain in.Filtering

You end up with a super concentrated coffee. Mixing is suggested in the manual to be 1:3 ratio of coffee to water. You could use cold or hot water..take your pick. I think it all depends on taste, and I will be experimenting with this for myself. This will keep abut 2 weeks!! The filters are “reusable” for 4-5 times. I was told to keep damp and in the fridge. I will put it in a Ziploc. It does come with 2 of these filters, and even for me it will be a while before I need to order.CoffeeConcentrate

How did it go?

Well, the first time I had barely any coffee! I realized that I used commercially ground coffee, and that isn’t the best for this. The Toddy needs coarsely ground like for a French Press.

Take two I caught that I missed adding 3 cups of water!! Yikes, no wonder I got so littler coffee.

The second time I got a lot more coffee out, but still had trouble with it clogging. I may be stirring up the grounds too much like the directions advise against doing.

I tried to see if I could dump it out and clean the filter and put it back in to get the last bits…don’t do that! I had coffee on the stove and floor to clean up from that idea.

It will take some practice, but I got a good amount of coffee for me. I should’ve measured…too bad there are no measurement markings on the carafe.

Final Thoughts

Read and Read the directions a second time. I was so worried about how the device went together and worked I missed the part about the coffee grounds.  Then saw I missed a measurement.

I am happy with it overall. The coffee had a good taste, and I will have to find the right bean for me, or see if the coffee shop sells it themselves.

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