I’ve been inspired to start a new series about the local shops, restaurants, and attractions. I love finding them when we go on vacation or in our hometown. The kids love the adventure of wandering around and checking out new places, especially if these places sell snacks!

This week’s Out and About in Newburgh, IN will be on The Refinery and Lucid.


The Refinery and Lucid are in the old Newburgh Country Store located at 224 W. Jennings Street in Downtown Newburgh.  It is just a block north of the River Walk through Newburgh, so it is a short detour while walking to grab a little “Go Juice”.


The hours are different for the two businesses, but it is all one space you can explore it all. Now you can even go upstairs to enjoy your coffee or relax.

A little trivia…this building used to be St. John the Baptist Catholic Church (now on Frame Road a couple minutes away). You can see the St. John sign when you enter, where the stain glass used to be, and the gorgeous ceiling!





Wednesdays (May 4- August 31) from 3-7 PM they have a Farm to Truck Market. There is one or sometimes two local food trucks there, Aficinado Farms with fresh produce, as well as Englebrecht’s with fruit and apple cider slushes.


The Refinery Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 9 AM- 5 PM

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The Refinery is a fun shop! My kinds love the old time (and newer) self serve candies.
CandyI find something new every time I go there. So far I have bought one (unpainted) suitcase for the daughter for a project. TPVV6221
Then I bought this massive and gorgeous steam trunk for a big old project for myself.


I love all the new, old, and refurbished items…shovels into chairs, painted suitcases, soaps, towels, and paints for your own projects (They offer classes for those as well!)


Lucid Hours:
Monday/Tuesday 7 AM- 5 PM
Wednesday 7 AM- 7PM
Thursday 7 AM- 5 PM
Friday 7 AM- 7PM

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Lucid is a coffee bar serving up a variety of hot and cold coffees and teas. I haven’t explored many of the drinks. I am all about the Cold Brew coffee!ColdBrew I’ve got to get in there this week to have some plus they sell a home cold brewing system called Toddy I finally got on my visit today. You can learn more at the Toddy site, but Lucid was able to tell me all about the unit, how to use it, and are easy to ask any questions that may come up.

Besides drinks they have pastries that change up, but I seem to always see the massive cinnamon rolls when I go in there.

If coffee/tea isn’t your thing the old red refrigerator has water and glass bottle sodas in it!  The kids think this is the coolest thing.


I love this place! There is always something new to see, the people are so nice, and it completely supports my coffee addiction. In all seriousness this was such a neat building with so much history. I hate to see buildings left to just rot away, so it is great to see it be used and becoming a hot spot!

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