As a part of US Family Guide I received a couple of the new LEGO Santoki items to try, and a cute astronaut mini kit in exchange for sharing my opinion.SantokiItems



I was super excited about these items! I am all about containers, and everything having it’s place. The organizer is so cute, and all the markers, pens, and erasers snap into place. That is great, and for travel and general bouncing around will keep them in place.

The quality of the pen and marker I got is what I would expect from LEGO. They are definitely well made and sturdy.  I like the idea of all of this, but let’s get into my issues, questions, and suggestions!
SantokiGelPen SantokiMarker


Yeah, these are not your standard marker prices. A pack of 9 markers on the LEGO site is $19.99. That organizer I loved is $39.99, and comes empty! This is a lot to pay, for something I know my kids forget to put the caps on rendering them useless. That brings us to the next issue.

Reusability (Is that a word?)

I don’t see a way to refill these pens and markers when they run out of ink. I hope that is something they will offer.

If they don’t have a refill, what about the pieces themselves? I tried to pry off the bricks..nope. They stay on.

I wouldn’t mind (as much) the price if I could either refill the items, or at least scavenge the bricks.


I think it is  a clever idea, and a good start. There is room for improvement as stated, and I look forward to whatever LEGO comes out with next!

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