legokidsfestlogoLet’s get the disclaimer stuff out of the way…I got 4 free tickets in exchange for hosting a giveaway, promoting the event on my blog, Facebook, etc. and writing a review after as a US Family Guide blogger.  Let me add…I was going to go this whether I got free tickets or not! I had a hotel booked for a good month before I got picked.

This was our second LEGO KidsFest. Last year we went to the one in St. Louis, which was a lot of fun and I expected the same this year. Yes, it was a great time! The format is very similar to the previous one.

We had a parking fee this year for the Kentucky Expo Center and had more traffic to deal with directly this time coming and going. It is a very busy area with the stadium, Kentucky Kingdom, huge expo center, and airport all right there. We were directed easily to what gate to enter. We had a simple bag check (just open it and they biggie!), scan our ticket, and off you go!

There were some statues that they had last year, some same exhibits, but also new exhibits like LEGO Dimensions and Star Wars The Force Awakens statues.BB8

We went to all the parts with the stars on the map first, because we learned before that those are the prize areas. They were changed a bit this year. We got something to eat..lots of food choices for event type prices. Then we went to do some more activities before heading to the hotel. We spent 4 hours there, and could use another couple hours to get everything done.Prize RelayRace

We were actually able to do the challenge zone where they either build a bridge in 5 minutes and put it to a weight challenge (one held 100 pounds!!), or a tallest tower challenge. It was constantly packed last year, and we were shocked to be able to do it.100pounds

This event area while kinda crazy to get in and out was massive!! It made moving around easy and there were few bottle necks at stations.LEGOKidsFestKY

The one we waited longest was either the challenge or LEGO Dimensions. The Dimensions one drove me nuts, because my kids got this game for Christmas and has anyone played it??? NO…not until LEGO KidsFest. Now my 12 year old is playing it…at least it is getting used now!

So it all comes down to would we go again??

Most definitely YES! It is somewhere kids of almost all ages can find something to do and us parents can play as well! You get tons to do from building, pictures, games, videos games, and prizes for 4 1/2 hours! I think it is a great deal, and you can make a weekend out of it like we did! Check out what all we did!

There are more this Fall events in Wisconsin, Texas, and Ohio!

Those are some of the highlights from our LEGO KidsFest experience! Hope you all enjoyed yours! What was your or your child’s favorite thing there?

I made the one in the middle!

I made the one in the middle!



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