Last year I had made binders for the kids for our vacation. I hole punched plain paper, lined paper, and graph paper. I used sheet protectors to put scavenger hunts, tic tac, toe, etc. in. If you go on Pinterest there are ones already made to use for free! I added a pencil pouch with pencils, dry erase marker for the sheets, coloring pencils, and sharpener. You can add in some coloring sheets as well, there are many online to chose from depending on your child’s favorites.

We liked the license plate hunt and looked like crazy people at every parking lot scouring for states. We were so excited to find Hawaii!! There are Food BINGO ones with restaurants. I would map our area and look for restaurants so the kids would have a chance. It is pretty each to make a table in Word and paste in the photos (Google Images works).

We noticed while driving how many semi trucks there are. The hubs and I started listing all the possibilities and now we have The Truck Chase!TheTruckChase

This is a Word document you are free to print and use on your own family roadtrip. I recommend putting it in a sheet protector (the kind that has the 3-ring edge) and you can use dry erase markers on it.

The other game I have for you today is the Transportation Scavenger Hunt. We did a BINGO of car makes, but this is a point game with all kinds of transportation..even boats and planes! This is also a Word document you can print and use as well.

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