It was such a great coincidence that our Girl Scout troop meeting fell on May 4th I had to plan our meeting around it! In case you don’t know May 4th is Star Wars day. Why? “May the Fourth Be With You”!

My girls LOVE crafts (and snacks)! So this meeting I came up with an easy but cute Lightsaber Necklace for each girl to make! This doesn’t have to be just for girls. If you have Cub Scouts or boys at home, but they don’t like a necklace just shorten the lacing. They could tie it to a key chain or a zipper on a backpack or tote bag.

I had the snack planned (have yet to make it) months ago. I bought those Wilton candy melts that come in a rainbow of colors at Joann Fabrics (either a sale/coupon/or both always going on) in red and blue. I bought a container of pretzel rods at my local, Aldi. I will dip these and serve as our snack, lightsaber pretzel rods.

I also found some Star Wars face photo props at Five Below that we will use for some end of the year photo fun.

I have plain cardstock on a horizontal orientation with a simple line across a couple inches from the bottom for them to design their own lightsabers. Each sheet will be cut in half vertically. We will roll them up and tape. Here is a screenshot. You could draw the line, skip the line, or use Word like I did.

Now to our main craft

Lightsaber Necklace


I bought pony beads in Black, Gray, and Blue for the traditional Jedi lightsaber. I also bought a spool of Plastic Lacing. These are all in the same section of Joann Fabrics. You get way more than you need, but I figure it won’t go bad and there will be future crafts at home or scouts we can use it for. It helped that I had 40% and 60% off coupons from the app and website.
Price breakdown: Gray Pony Beads (720 pieces) $3.99, Black Pony Beads (250 pieces I think) $2.49, Blue Pony Beads (400 pieces) $3.49, and 100 yard spool of Clear Plastic Lacing $3.49. After coupons and before tax this all came to $6.58!! That is a great deal and you should be able to make around 50 of these necklaces depending on the blue beads.


We are using:

7 Blue Beads
1 Black Bead
3 Gray Beads

2-3 feet of lacing

We are keeping this as simple as possible.

Thread the first blue bead onto the lacing thread until you get to the middle of your piece. Then fold the thread together and put the rest of the beads on in order, Blue, Black, and Gray.
BeadingYou will tie a few knots after your last gray one to hold the lightsaber in place.
FinishingThen knot the necklace to your desired length. This lacing does have some give and pull when you tie it.

There you go, an inexpensive, quick, easy, cute, Star Wars themed craft for May the 4th or any time you want to have some Star Wars fun!


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