I have been burned out and stressed out all December with things to do, and I have slacked off so bad with cooking. That then has been very visible in my appearance as well. Way too much eating out. You know sometimes it is the best option you have. I’m really trying now to get ahead of those weeks and get some easy meals for us to have.

I love the crock pot..I really do! My highest viewed post ever is my Creamy Crockpot Potato Soup Recipe. On days when I am home all day it is fabulous to throw everything in a pot and let it work all day.

However, I’m not great in the morning at thinking of what to make for dinner 12 hours later. I’m getting kids off to school, trying to go to Y, run errands, plan meetings, etc. I think about dinner closer to lunch time. That’s too late for most of my crockpot recipes.

This Christmas my Mom and I each got an Instant Pot. The price was great at $75 (with silicone mitts included) from Wal-Mart, and the reviews were overwhelming positive. The price has gone up since Christmas, but still a great deal for all that it can do. We tried hers on Christmas day with a pot roast and were impressed. Now we are both emailing each other weekly with whatever new thing we did in our pot!

What is the Instant Pot?

It is basically an electric pressure cooker, but has more functions than a traditional stove top pressure cooker. You have slow cooker, saute, rice, soup, poultry, meat, bean, porridge, multigrain, plus manual settings!

My mom had the stove top pressure cooker with the jiggly bit on top, and it worked but you had to baby it. It would lose water, so you had to keep checking that. The stove burner isn’t even so you would have to adjust that. You would have to pay attention to when pressure was reached, start timing, and then get it when done. Honestly, I’m in the kitchen enough with the prep and clean up of meals I don’t want to be in there the whole time it is cooking too.

Instant Pot gives me the freedom of a crockpot with the speed of a pressure cooker. It builds up pressure with a little steam release, and that’s the last you noise you hear it make until the time goes off. It automatically starts timing once the pressure is reached. You lose hardly any water..I’ve noticed  1/4 cup loss of water after I cooked potatoes with a 1 cup of water to start. Please be sure to read your manual before using your Instant Pot. There is also a recipe book, plus their website has lots of recipes as well.

Hint: The pressure will come shooting out of the top if you release it manually. It is a touchy valve, so I just use a plastic spoon to turn the valve on mine to avoid any possible steam burns.

It has been a month since I got mine, and I’ve used it 6 times already. One day I used it twice for dinner, because it is that quick and easy to clean up. I made the main dish and then some potatoes to go with it.

I can’t wait to start sharing the recipes I try, and hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Plus..this is so cute to me. It has this happy chime when you get the lid on and seal correctly!

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