StarOrnament1I needed a fairly simple and fast craft for 20 Girl Scouts (Second graders). Being close to Christmas I wanted something festive. There are some other cardboard and yarn ornament crafts, but they use circles. I wasn’t in love with the outcome.

I got out my Slice cutter and noticed a I had a star pattern..hmmm. Wonder how that would work?

It worked really well. Cut out 4″ stars. You could use Word to make a star and print on card stock then cut, or make a template and trace. I used Card Stock (Hobby Lobby sells big multi-color packs, and lots of sales there!)


Make a small snip in between the points.


I used some glitter yarn, taping the end in place on the back. Then going through the holes as demonstrated in the video you make another star! Snip your string, tape to back. Hole punch and use left over string for a hanging loop! It takes the girls a minute to figure it out, but most of them did and could help others. It ended up being really cute and cost nothing out of pocket!

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