This is a very long overdue update. Last I wrote I was in a dark place with my Dad in the hospital, Mom needing a hysterectomy,
and not sure what all was going to happen.

He had Congestive Heart Failure from a lot of water retention (at least 6 lbs. came off during his hospitalization). Then we learned the hard way that sleeping pills and people over 80 don’t mix well AT ALL! We’re talking hallucinations and crazy behavior. That was the scariest part..how would my mom deal with that. Thank God once that got out of his system and he was released he got back to normal.

Then Mom had her much overdo hysterectomy. The surgery went very smooth other than her being so sick to her stomach after the anthesia..that lasted most of the night. She got released the next day, and has had a great recovery. This is good because at the age of 67 it was a bunch of bull shit she had to have this done, but her body was going a little crazy. No cancer, but if left alone the doctor felt it was a matter of time and one of the biopsies would come back bad.

Then had my boy’s 12th birthday! Holy cow..4 years until he drives…6 years until he graduates! This is last year before the “teens” starts. He has started 6th grade and doing so well. Middle School, bus with the high schoolers, hauling a trombone daily had me nervous. Happy to report he has taken it all in stride. It’s looking like an all A grading period, but really his transition going smoothly is more important than A’s or B’s.
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Little girl is in 2nd grade now and a first year Brownie (which I am assistant leader) so she is keeping quite busy.11864934_10205020716460432_7533512504237996452_o

We are no longer in Cub Scouts, so I’m a full time Girl Scout now!

We are also doing karate weekly, bowling league for the kids and one for the hubs and me, and 4H…I think that’s all! Oh and Religion class on Wednesday evenings for Hubs and daughter and Sunday for son.

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Oh and I celebrated 15 years of marriage to this great guy!

It has been nonstop!! We are approaching Fall Break…woohoo!

I got free tickets to the Ohio Renaissance Festival in exchange for an honest review, read more here.tile_ohiorenfest-tile

Since we’re going to have a 4 day weekend we figured let’s make it a mini vacation. I think we can all use the break. Now, a vacation for us is going from morning until bed. We aren’t lounging people 🙂 That comes this Summer, with my plans for our first ever beach visit (my first too!)

The renaissance festival is basically between Cincinnati and Columbus…sweet! I loved the Cincinnati Zoo the first time we went, even with having a car wreck our first day of that vacation. I’m super excited to stop there on our drive out. We will stay in Columbus and go to the Columbus Zoo, check out Sequoia Pro Bowl, and visit the Easton Town Center (it’s got a LEGO store..that’s a must!). Then on the back home go the Renaissance Festival.

I will be updating on everything from the hotel (first stay at a Holiday Inn), festival, zoos, any cool restaurants or attractions we find.

After our vacation this Summer I bought an app called RoadsideAmerica.com (no affiliate link..just go search them in iTunes). Anyway it has all kinds of weird and random spots in the areas you pay for. I’m hoping to find something interesting.

Be back soon…I promise!!

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