Back in July I had received an offer to receive tickets for my family to go the Ohio Renaissance Festival in exchange for sharing about the event and our experiences for US Family Guide.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival is only open September 5- October 25 on Saturdays and Sundays.

We just got back yesterday from our visit. We started Fall Break Friday so we had a weekend getaway. The Ohio Renaissance Festival is in Waynesville, OH, and is close to halfway between Cincinnati and Columbus. That was great for us, and I will be sharing about our visits there as well in another post.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival was actually much bigger than we expected. It is a large field for parking, and then more field for shows inside and stores and food around the perimeter. This is just the left side of the parking area!

We had a great time! The weather was on the chilly side, but with lots of  sun it was perfect. I’m going to share pics and video clips I took while there and some tips, observations, etc.


1. Bring Cash. I saw some places took cards, but cash seemed to be king here. It is the faster and easiest really with how busy it can get. Plus Parking is $3, and I didn’t see any option other than cash for that.

2. Look At Show Schedule. There are many shows, but they don’t run continuously through the day. Some like the joust have three shows around 12, 3, and 5. Here is this year’s show schedule and descriptions.

3. Sit at Busy Shows Early. The shows fill up, but the Joust by far was the most packed!! There is seating I believe you can pay for as well. The bleachers were filled, and everyone else stood around. This is tough for us shorter people and kids. People were already seated 40 minutes before.

4. Tips. Some shows, food servers, and restaurants accept tips. It was not required of course.

5. Dress Up. I would guess over a third of the people were dressed up: gyspy, medieval, fairy, etc. We weren’t sure how many did. Go ahead!



1. Grown Up Humor and Behavior. If public drinking, smoking, bawdy humor bother you then you will not like it. The humor like the this sign goes right over my kids’ heads but cracks us up. It is the Medeival times here, and it was fun. They don’t say anything R-rated at all. There are some special 21 and over shows later.

2.  Food Portions. They are some items that are huge! This was the Lord Frakenfurter…made me blush. The turkey leg is massive, and the cheeseburger must’ve had 3-4 slices of cheese on it.
IMG_9711 IMG_9710
3. Expense Potential. You could spend a ton of money here. That is true with any amusement park. You have rides, games, stores, food, and tips (optional) that could rack up money.

Don’t get overwhelmed that there are more costs inside. You are getting a good value for those tickets. The number of shows you could see in the day is worth the tickets. The joust will be different each show. The Kamikaze Fireflies do a completely different show at the end of the day as well. You can see the artisans who have shops workign their trade: forging, leather stamping, glass blowing, etc.

We would go back for sure! I would plan my day better next time. We got distracted by the shops right away.

I am happy we got to see The Kamikaze Fireflies, a comedy acrobatic duo using you guessed it…Fire! Show was so funny and great!


I have more clips on my YouTube page, here!

We saw the Washing Wenches…lol! They were the first we saw when we came in. They bring up men from the audience and have them prove their “manliness”. It’s all in good fun and the crowd loved it.

We saw the Pirate show. It was a slapstick pirate adventure on a big pirate ship. That was my daughters’ (age 7) favorite.
PiratesShow PirateShow1

We saw the joust as well. That is something you aren’t going to just see anywhere, and is a very interesting experience.
Jousting2 Jousting3 Jousting4

I would have loved to have seeen more shows.  We didn’t realize how many shows there were (usually 30 minutes long), stores, and space. We spent 4 hours here, and still have a 4 hour drive home. Next time I will get the schedule to plan our day, dress up, and allow more time.

My only real improvement suggestion is the seating at the joust. I would love more bleachers on the end.

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