The best name I could think of ¬†for this was Wacky Waving¬†Enderman Craft. I have to say it turned out so cute, and for so little money. I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. I thought this was a “Pin the Eye on the Enderman” game, but looking again I think it is a wall decoration.EndermanCloseUp

Anyway, while at my local Dollar Tree I was trying to see what was around the store that was square, since everything in Minecraft is square, and could be used for some craft.

I found this 16 pack of black dessert square paper plates for $1, and a 2 pack of black streamers for $1. Bought both of those plus a variety of other things for our Minecraft crafts like the Minecraft Torch and headed out.

A few more supplies were needed that I had at home: hole punch, black string, scissors, purple duct tape. If you don’t have a stockpile of duct tape like I do, some purple paper glued on will work just fine!

You will need 2 plates, four strips of streamer (cut later), and three 6-inch pieces of string for each Enderman.


Stack the two plates and hole punch them evenly spaced from each other and the ends. This will help it when lining them up later. Next cut a couple of rectangular pieces of purple duct tape and place on the face of your Enderman.

Thread a piece of string through matching hole on head and body plates of the Enderman. Tie this string, but you want to tie it a an our two away so you can have a loop for the plate hang. Do this to the other matching holes.

Now we have to add arms and legs. Simply cut your arms whatever length you like. Enderman are known for very long arms. Turn plates over and tape to back of body. Now cut your legs out of streamer. Use the arms a guide for how long to make the legs. You want all to be the same length. Tape this on back of the body as well.Back

All that is left to do is to hole punch a hole in top center of the Enderman head and tie another a loop of black string on top.Holeontop

The Wacky Waving Enderman is all done!! You can hang it from the ceiling where a breeze will make him wave about, or as a wall or door decoration. For just $2 you can make 8 of these guys for your next Minecraft craft day or birthday party!


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