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If you have a Tuesday Morning store around you go check it out. It is like a Big Lots, but with new items that may be “last season”. They have lots of home décor, dinnerware, toys, bedding, etc.

I found this Slice Digital Die Cutting Machine there for $29.99 (compare to Amazon for $51.99 as I write this Slice Digital Die Cutting Machine)

The Slice is a rechargeable portable cutter. It can cut fabric, paper, or vinyl. It will take about two hours to charge the unit. The unit is very simple to use, which is good because the instructions were very limited.  You get the Slice cutter, charger, one disk of images, a 6″ square glass mat, glue for the mat, etc. in the box.

You need to apply the adhesive thinly to the glass so paper or whatever material you use does not move. You put the card in the slot in the back, turn it on, and select images. Images can go as big as 4 inches and some as small as 1 inch. Put your paper on the mat, the Slice on top, hold it in place and press the button on the right to cut. You have to hold it. If not as you will see in the video it will move…a lot! I think it is on the noisier side, but I don’t have any experience with other cutters like Cricut or Silhouette .

Here are some samples of what is on the disk that comes with it.

Other items that I bought I think will be useful:

The Hands Free Kit, so I can easily use 12″ scrapbook paper, and not have to hold the unit in place. This cost $14.99 at Tuesday Morning, and is $34.42 at Amazon Slice Hands Free Designer Kit, 12 by 12-InchHandsFreeKit
The spray adhesive that was $3.99 at Tuesday Morning. I hope this helps me not have too sticky of a surface next time. This is on Amazon for $19.99 Making Memories Slice Repositionable Spray AdhesiveAdhesiveSpray

I went back to Tuesday Morning and got more Slice Designs cards for $9.99 each. I found them all on Amazon for $19-26 each. I also got the case to store the cards and their design books. It was $4.99 at Tuesday Morning, and I found one on Amazon for that same price DESIGN CARD STORAGE Case Slice Elite Making Memories.


Bottom Line

For me I think this is a great starter, and I will get a lot of use out of it. There are always crafts to make for Girl Scouts, the Kaper Chart, home crafts, scrapbooking, plus sewing I like to do.

My total investment= $93.92 before tax. This is still well below the $200+ Silhoutte and Cricut cost.

Check out my walk through. I know it isn’t the greatest being one handed, but the kids were at Day Camp so I had a quiet house today!

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