mcdonalds-Premium-McWrap-Chicken-Sweet-Chili-GrilledI had a the McWrap Sweet Chili with Grilled Chicken at McDonald’s, and really enjoyed it. I didn’t enjoy the 400 calories.

I fell in love with the spice of Sweet Chili Sauce and the cooling of Cucumber. I was inspired to make something like this I could have every day for less calories, and less out of my pocket!

If you can find Flat Out Wraps, those are a great option for making wraps at home for around 90 calories each for the Light version. However, they are more expensive, in the $4 a pack range (for six), and not all stores carry them. If you can get them on sale go for it, you can freeze them!

I could not find them, and haven’t seen them on sale for a bit so I went with another option.

Pretty much all stores carry tortillas. I don’t know that I have found one who doesn’ can find them at Aldi, Priceless, Ruler, Target, Schnucks, Walmart, etc. The tortillas will have more calories, but they are less expensive and will save you time hunting down the Flat Out wraps.



1 Whole Wheat Tortilla= 130
Handful Lettuce= 3
1 slice Cheddar Cheese (Thin Sliced)=45
1 Tsp. Light Mayo=12
1 Tsp. Sweet Chili Sauce=15
6 slices Cucumber=4
2 oz. Turkey Deli Meat=60

Spicy Turkey Wrap Total Calories=269

I add a serving of Cheez It Crackers for 150 and 4 ounces of seedless Red Grapes for 78 to bring my lunch calorie grand total to 497 Calories!SpicyTurkeyWrapLunch2

That is less than 100 more than the McDonald’s wrap, and I will feel fuller.

The wrap is easy to make: The mayo and sweet chili sauce go first so you can mix them together, top with cheese,  turkey, cucumber, and lettuce. Then just fold up bottom and roll!SpicyTurkeyWrapCollage

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