My kids are Minecraft crazy! My 7 year old daughter wanted a Minecraft day, like our LEGO day last Summer. I searched Pinterest (of course) for ideas, and used those as inspiration for our weekend of crafts.

Here we made two light up Minecraft torches for just $1.07! I love Dollar Tree, and found a variety of goodies for the activities we did.MinecraftTorchCraft

Minecraft Torch Craft



Two-pack of electric tea lights ($1.00 at Dollar Tree)
3 Sheets of 8.5 x 11 cardstock– 2 Brown and 1 Yellow
Scissors and/or rotary cutter
Toilet Paper Tube


I have card stock all the time on hand, but if you didn’t you could use a cardstock white paper and paper, or color it. It is well worth it to get a┬ápack of multi colored cardstock at Hobby Lobby and use that weekly 40% off coupon!

I used the width of the tea light to help determine the sections for the torch. I made lines every 1.5 inches down the paper. If you use a pen, this will score the paper a bit and make for easier folding. Don’t apply too much pressure or it will rip the paper.PaperLines

Next, we cut about a 2 1/4 inch high x 8.5 inch wide piece of yellow for each torch. You will tape this to the top of the brown. Just butt the pieces of paper up to each other without overlap. Now you can cut off some of the brown at the bottom if you like.AddYellowPaper

Then start folding, with the lines you drew inside. You will have an extra inch at the end. Before attaching everything cut off the 1 inch section of yellow at the end and the first full yellow section next to it. (If you don’t do this the light won’t shine evenly through the paper, because some are double thick.)

Now fold everything in and tape in place. You can use some double sided tape if you like, or regular scotch tape.TapingCollage

MinecraftTorchThe torch light needs to be able to stay in place, so that’s where the toilet paper tube comes into play. Cut a tube in half, make four slits on each “side” at the bottom of the tube, and fold and tape the tabs closed. This will give a little extra thickness to hold the light in place.TealightTubeCollage

To remove the light you can either reach in and pull the tea light up, lightly shake it out of the torch, or get a pencil or ruler and push it out.

Turn on your light, put in the tube, place in the torch, and you are ready to explore!
Here is a little video clip of how it flickers and glows.

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