DollarTreeMinecraftArtThis was our third and final Minecraft craft for our first Minecraft weekend. (We also made Light Up Minecraft Torches and Wacky Waving Endermen) Painting is always a favorite thing for kids to do, and I have seen so many people find things at Dollar Tree to repaint and use like frames I had hoped I could find something as well.

Well, I lucked out big time. I found this pressed wood squares for $1 each at our local Dollar Tree. I figured I could remove the wire hanger (super easy..just use some needle nose pliers), rough up the surface with some sand paper, and then spray paint white to get a base ready for painting.
DollarTreeBoards Sandpaper PaintedBoards

I did all of that the day before the kids painted so there would be no rushing or possibly dealing with rain and drying issues.

Next, I looked forPerler Beads or Melty bead patterns. I had hoped my square would be even so I could make a grid for painting. Well, it was not truly square, but a little adjusting of the ruler and it was fine.  I found this great site that had some HAMA bead patterns. I assume these are like the Perler or Melty ones. It didn’t matter to me. I just liked the character faces in simple grid form. They were 8 blocks across and down so very close to what I had!

I printed the page so the kids could pick what they wanted to do. The girl wanted to make an Enderman and the boy decided on a Skeleton. We kept the colors simple: Black, purple, and light purple for the Enderman, and black, gray, and dark gray for the Skeleton. No reason to buy extra colors. Use a dark purple for the eye centers, then add some white and now you have a lighter shade for the other part. Same goes for the gray for the Skeleton. Just use a light gray all over, and then for the small bit add some black to your gray.EndermanGrid SkeleltonGrid

I squared up the parts as best I could and drew one inch squares for the eyes and nose of the characters. I used colored pencils in similar paint colors so they could be easily covered later. The rest of the grid didn’t matter since it was one color. Then it was time to paint, dry, and paint again.  PaintingTime

A couple coats was perfect other than some touch ups by Mom around the eyes and nose.TouchUp

Then just reattach the wires, and they are ready to hang. These will be a great addition to the playroom décor!

MinecraftEndermanArt MinecraftSkeletonArt

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