I got my food dehydrator last month and right away tried out some fruits I had read about.

So far I have bought the Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A, an extra set of theClean-A-Screens, and The Beginner’s Guide to Making and Using Dried Foods: Preserve Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, and Meat with a Dehydrator, a Kitchen Oven, or the Sun.

SlicedPineappleI had bought a scratch and dent canned of sliced pineapple at the grocery store for around 60 cents. I had read you could dry canned pineapple, especially that in it’s own juice. I don’t know why you couldn’t do it with that in syrup, but it is healthier being in the juice.

Simply put the Screens on each tray, lay slices of pineapple down (without overlap), and turn on the machine to the fruit setting. This is going to take awhile, overnight, for sure.

PutInScreens Pineapples
Feel free to check on it. Times are going to vary depending on the fruit, outside temperature, humidity, how often you open the machine up, etc. Back to drying our pineapple. I dried mine along with strawberries (ran out of room) and bananas…might as well try everything at once!

The only thing I did special with multiple fruits was to put the pineapple at the bottom, because it is so moist it may drip. It wouldn’t hurt the strawberries to have some pineapple juice dripped on them, but it could make drying longer. I know you are wondering, No there wasn’t any cross over flavor from them all in there together.
Once done they are stuck to the screens pretty good. Luckily with the Clean-A-Screen you peel it off like a sticker.  I think they would be a complete pain to remove in one piece from the trays as is.
StuckPineapple PeelOffPineapple

Mine were good and chewy with a nice pineapple flavor. It was not overpowering like you might think at all. They have a little tackiness to them, and perhaps could be dried even longer, but I have a patience problem. I will do them again longer next time, but this was a small test batch.ThinPineapples

The more moisture you get out the longer it will keep. It is the moisture that inhibits bacteria from growing. It can still happen, but at a much slower rate. That’s why you also need a good air tight container for storing your dehydrated goodies!

(post contains affiliate links, but my own opinions and experiences)

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