LEGO KidsFest 2015 St. Louis

I had the opportunity as a US Family Guide blogger to receive tickets for Friday 4:00-8:30 pm session of LEGO KidsFest in St. Louis, MO plus a couple tickets to giveaway in exchange for a review of the event.

We live about 3 hours away so this became an overnight trip for us, but it was worth that added expense to: 1. Go to our very first LEGO KidsFest and 2. To not get home at midnight.

The kids (ages 11 and 6) were starting Spring Break the day after, so like a lot of families we started the break a day early. Don’t  worry all the teachers had a week’s notice and moved their tests up a day. The hubs took off work and we were off.

We got to St. Louis early and explored downtown while we waited for the event to begin.

LEGO KidsFest was at the America’s Center, which was a great central location and close to the Metro Link Station. Most of the exhibits were in the Edward Jones Dome. Once you got in there were stations to buy food and drink (needed when you are there 4 hours!), two store locations, and lots of exhibits to visit!


1. Entering the Event.  Check in to the event was fast and efficient.
2. Space. We loved that the exhibits were all  spread out. You weren’t crowded while trying to go from exhibit to exhibit.  If anything seemed busy you could easily find something else to do.
3. Activities.  The kids got to build…A LOT! There was a lot of creative expression between Creation Nation, LEGO Friends, LEGO Bionicle, etc.
4. Free Stuff. The kids got prizes for participating at some exhibits like the Creation Nation, LEGO Friends, Challenge Zone, and Brick Battle Zone.
5. Displays. The huge LEGO statues of characters from Toy Story, Marvel, LEGO Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, DC, and more!


1. Time. There is  a lot to go through. We couldn’t do every single thing. It is a con, but not a major one. It is better to have too much to see and stuff to pick and chose than too little.
2. Event Merchandise. I really wanted a LEGO Kids Fest magnet (it is my collecting obsession for vacations), but there weren’t any. I had hoped they would have special LEGO Kids Fest minifigures like I have seen on ebay for previous years, but the sales people said they didn’t make any.

Suggestions for LEGO KidsFest:

My only suggestion is on the high traffic areas like Battle Zone Nation, and Master Builder Lab that they had a way to sign up for times every 20-30 minutes. A simple pull a number thing like at the craft store so you could wander around and come back.

Tips for Visitors:

1. Camera and Back up Camera. My iPhone filled up so I had to use a back up camera for pictures. The event does have a phone charging station. I am not sure, but it looked like they had cables.
2. No Flash. It is a tough area to photograph, and the flash LOVES to reflect off the LEGO bricks. My iPhone does best, but like I said I ran out of space. I have some flash points in photos I don’t care for.
3. Costs. Food was $6-9 range from what I saw. A soft pretzel was $4 but the cheese dip was $1.50, pizza slice (large one) $6, drinks were in the $4 -$6 each. Food seemed to be sold by the location itself and other local vendors. LEGO shops there seemed to be basically the price as the LEGO online store, but damaged boxes were in a special section for 20% off.
4. Time. Try to get there as soon as it opens and stay as late as you can to do as much as possible. This is not an “in and out” kind of event.

Would we go again??

Oh yeah! If comes near again I would love to go! I think each year would be fun with all the new sets that are always coming out. Plus it is one of those activities that boy, girl, young, or old can enjoy and that is rare!

Now, of course what everyone likes to see…the pictures from the show!
Smaug from The Hobbit
Darth Vader
Groot and Rocket
View from the back of the dome
Making additions to the LEGO Art Wall


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