We are in our second year of Daisy scouts, and working on
the Three Cheers for Animals journey.

When you get to Zinni’s Story  Gloria talks about picture postcards.  The Leader’s Guide suggests having the girls make their own postcards, but instead of being about a trip they are about animal care.

On one side they can draw a picture of how to care for animal, and then on the other write a sentence describing the picture.

I used PicMonkey to create a postcard for our Troop. For this project I was able to use all the free enhancements: Postal, Dashed and Lined, Text, and a small border. I do pay for the Royale membership ($33 a year) for all the fonts, enhancements, etc. It is so worth it. I have used it for Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, craft booth signs, and both of my websites.

Copy the postcard into Word to print two to a sheet. You will probably want to resize it to 4×6. This one is just a touch bigger. Then print onto whatever paper you like. I like to use colored cardstock.Postcard

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