ValentineCollectionBox1The Boy is in 5th grade now, and it was optional to do a valentine exchange. We opted to take a treat for the whole class instead.

The Girl is in 1st grade so they do the valentine exchange. I got a note on Friday that they had to make their own Valentine Collection Box. The teacher suggested a shoe box…something with a lid.

Ok, I don’t have a big supply of shoe boxes. We used one of the last ones for the son’s diorama of the Plains Indians.

First thing was to cut a hole. I got out my fabric cutting board, an xacto knife, and found something to trace (her Christmas ornament box worked great). Trace and cut on back side of lid.CuttTop

These boxes are a little flimsy as you can see. FlimsyI took the leftover cardboard from the hole and cut it into 4 pieces. Then taped those in each corner (white side down to blend in).ReinforcedBox

The lid is big, and when I put it on.  It was hard to put the full sized lid on for me, so I could just imagine what a time she would have.

I decided to make the lid smaller. I simply opened up the lid (very little glue hold the corners).OpenUpLid Then cut off two inches on each side, and taped back together inside and out.

I really wanted the lid to go on like a shoe box one, but it make the box collapse in on the sides. It just looked unattractive, and was a little tough to put on. So instead we put our lid on the inside (basically an upside down box).ValentineCollectionBox

Now it is time to decorate!
Suprisingly she didn’t put a lot of stickers. We used some wrapping paper on bottom, and scrapbook paper on top. Then some stickers (trying to cover tape we needed for the scrapbook paper.)


I’m linking up to the Something to Talk About Link Party today.  Go on over and see all the fabulous diy, crafts, furniture makeovers and more.

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