HappyValentinesDayWe don’t go overboard for Valentine’s Day at all around here. I would smack the Hubs if he spent $50 on flowers and candy. I’m happy with a $5 or $10 bouquet on a crappy week than something extravagant like that.

He said he and the kids were working on something, and I wasn’t allowed in the Office when he was on the computer and they had the door closed on my son’s room for a while. That was fine with me! Quiet TV time 😉

Valentine’s Day they come plug in a flash drive to show me what they did. We cut out the parts on each of the kids’ saying Happy Valentine’s Day. They came up with these ideas on their own, which impressed me.

The boy posted his on his blog as well. He is 11 years old, and it has been a good way to keep him creative and work on typing and writing skills. You can visit him, here.

His video is of us picking flowers. An alien monster shows up and we  beat him up!

The girl, who is 6 years old, is obsessed with Minecraft. Her video is of an Enderman and a Creeper getting married with Steve officiating.

These mean more to me than a card, flowers, or jewelry!

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