OnionStraws1We had this great BBQ place called Shyler’s. I loved their BBQ, but even more was the onion straw appetizers they had. It was a big basket of super thin sliced, lightly battered, salty onions.

Sadly, Shyler’s closed some years ago, and I am giving up hope that it will reopen. I had tried before to make the onion straws and have figured out a very easy and delicious way to make them.

Onion Straws

Yellow Onion
Vegetable Oil

I used yellow onions for my straws. I like yellow for those, and white for soups and baked beans. The onions need to be sliced very thin and uniform. A mandolin cutter worked great for this.  I cut half of my onion.MandolinOnionSlices

In a bowl mix a cup of flour (give or take depending how many you are making) and add salt and pepper to season. I don’t measure this, but I am pretty heavy handed with my pepper.FlourSeasoned

If you don’t have a fryer use a pot and vegetable oil on the stove. I used a smaller 3-4 quart pot and filled it less than halfway with oil. Be sure to leave room so you don’t have any oil go over the top of you pot. Heat oil on medium.Oil

While the oil is heating up I put some onions in the flour. With a pot you will make it bit by bit. Get your onions coated, shake off excess, then put in hot oil. CoatinFlourStir them a little with a spoon, and when they are floating and a nice golden color remove with a slotted spoon.OnionsFrying

Place cooked onion straws on a paper towel lined plate and season.OnionStraws

If you want to reuse your oil. When it is oil just strain it through a metal strainer into a plastic container and refrigerate. I am not sure how long the oil will keep refrigerated. I usually smell it before I use it to see if it smell old or spoiled.

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