CuttingExpensesI have been cutting our  household expenses. I am a stay at home mom, so it is a priority to me to make our one income go as far as possible. I’m sharing some of what I have been doing, and what we have just started.

Coupons and Sales

I am a coupon fan, but haven’t been doing as well as I used to with that. I do love my sales and clearance deals. It is very hard for me to buy full price.
I reorganized the pantry so now I shop for what is needed and stock up on extra good deals.

Home Services

This is where we are making changes. We are dropping our cable. I am writing a whole Breaking Up With Cable series over at Tales of a  TV Addict. This is going to save us about $56 a month. That leads into the next part.


Dave Ramsey has preached the debt snowball payoff plan for so long. I understand it, but always had a hard time doing it. List your debts smallest to highest. Pay only minimum on all except the smallest. Pay the most to it you can. Get it paid off then you can apply that minimum payment and any extra to the next one. I always want to do chunks to multiple ones, but I am going to give this a shot!

Odds and Ends

Make your own cleaners (Water and Vinegar are great for windows and laminate). Use reusable cleaning cloths. Turning off lights and electrical items when not in use. Hanging clothes outside to dry. Turn up thermostat in Summer or down in Winter.

There are many ways to cut costs, but not cut out your enjoyment of life.

What cost cutting tips do you have?

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