40DaysChallengeLast year my #40Days Challenge was to exercise every day of Lent. I did with the exception of a day (I think just one) I stomach flu.

We had a talk with the kids the other night about Lent, and why we give up things, or try to do things to be better people(like not arguing, fighting, etc.) It can be tough to explain all of it to 11 and 6 year olds.

Anyway, last year I tried to do something that would be difficult (that is the point..you don’t give up something you don’t like). I think this year I will go more traditional and give up something.

I could go extreme and give up coffee, but truthfully that would be bad for everyone here! I decided I would give up chocolate. I love chocolate, but then thought maybe that was too easy. I can find ways around that. So with having just got our Girl Scout Cookies in that was my inspiration.

I will give up Chocolate and Cookies! That takes out a good majority of treats I like, and that’s why I am doing it.

To show my kids you can give up something you like and survive (they are dramatic)! Also, it will be good for me as well.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the official beginning of Lent, and it will end on Easter, which happens to be my birthday this year!

Even if you aren’t Catholic like me you can join me on a #40 Days Challenge of your own choosing.

What do you want to do? Give up something or strive for a change?

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