Friday was the end of our Cub Scouting life. We have been in since 1st grade as Tiger Scouts and Friday was our Blue and Gold banquet to celebrate the Webelos II completing scouting and for those crossing over to Boy Scouts. We chose to not cross over. The boy isn’t real big into camping, and that’s a very big part of advancing in our Boy Scout troops.

Any kind of leadership in extracurricular  groups is more work that you initially think.  I had been a Den leader for Cubs the last five years, and was having some serious burn out.  The last two weeks in particular were crazy. We had planned a meal for 250 people. So that’s a lot of centerpieces, bottled water, cake, food, tableware, etc. It all turned out great other than a few hiccups you will always get when dealing with a large group.

I was counting down to be done…the last year and half was so busy. Webelos has 20 activities to get through (well..not sure if still true when the new handbooks come out). I had started Girl Scouts last year as well, so been stressed and ready to move on.

That all being said I’m still sad it’s all done. I have known some of these boys, parents, fellow leaders for 5 years. Now it will be seeing occasionally, on Facebook, or maybe at school. Going from twice a month meetings with the adults, once a month with my den, and then Pack activities. It is a big adjustment. Pack is very big on family outings and including the siblings and I will miss that.

For something that at times felt like a life sentence and was going to make me pull my hair out to *poof* it’s done.

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