Our Girl Scout troop was going to participate in the local Christmas parade. We had mostly finished our Between Earth and Sky journey so figured a fun craft for them to make for the parade would be good. Since it is for Christmas bells are what came to mind.

I wanted something they could shake and jingle while walking in the parade. I had seen those rings with bells attached that go on your door knob, and that was my inspiration.

First stop was the Dollar Tree and then to Joann Fabrics for some very thin ribbon.

What I bought:

Green Bells (50 count packs) – I bought all 3 Dollar Tree had since we have 12 girls in our Troop I need a lot of jingle.

Bangle Bracelets (14 count pack)- Dollar Tree toy section

White 1/8″ ribbon (5 yards) – JoAnn Fabrics

Red 1/8″ ribbon (5 yards) – Jo Ann Fabrics

I spent $4.00 plus tax at Dollar Tree and $2.58 plus tax at Joann’s. I will also use duct tape from my own stash.

The bracelets were wrapped in duct tape so they all look uniform (and no arguing over pink and purple). It was easier to rip the tape in half lengthwise to wrap the bracelets.DuctTapeCollage

Then bells will be threaded onto the ribbon in groups of five. Simple thread five bells on a ribbon, and tie in a bunch. Then tie to the bracelet. Do the same for the second bunch of five bells.JingleBellBraceletCraft

To make things fastest precut and sort all the supplies into baggies (then reuse for the next craft)

There you go festive Jingle Bell Shakers for under $10!!

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